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अपने लिए जिये तो क्या जिये, ऐ दिल तू जी ज़माने के लिए (Santosh K. Misra,IAS)

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Santosh Kumar Misra, an IAS officer of 2000 batch Tamil Nadu cadre who is Managing Director of Chhattisgarh Tourism Board and CEO, Kaushal Unnayan Mission., is a man full of humanity who dedicates his personal time serving into humanity for years. He helps bright students and physically challenge students coming from poor economic background. There are numerous anecdote of his gesture empowering underprivileged especially in Chhattisgarh, Tamilnadu and also pan India at large.

admiring Santosh Mishra’s noble cause of serving to the humanity thenewsmanofindia.com shares an anecdote from his Facebook wall

Santosh Misra IAS,

Friends if you recall my earlier post about 3 students who i taught for some time in the govt higher sec school (pic below) had made it to engineering college. For two students who have lost their father, and were staying with SOS NGO, their admission fee is sponsored by the SOS. May god bless SOS.


For the third student (extreme right in the pic) nishchay the challenge was slightly bigger. His father runs a quarterly hindi magazine and somehow keeps the family surviving. For counselling with great difficulty they could arrange rs 45k. Hope was that the education loan would help with the tuition fee. Unfortunately the process took great amount of time and deadline for depositing 75k as first year tuition fee came. This Sunday is the deadline. Nishchay and his family were extremely worried. There was no way they could arrange 75k in such a short time. I tried calling the SBI DGM. He asked nishchay to meet the local branch manager who in turn told him matter of factly that there is no way the loan would be disbursed in 2 days. It will take a minimum of 10 days. I spoke with NIT registrar who was equally unsure of any help or exemption or extension of time.


As we were wondering as to what to do. We remembered a noble soul who had contacted us earlier after seeing my post, offering help with the education of the underprivileged. Nishchay contacted him and requested for help. There was a brief email exchange between me and the gentleman. And even before i could realize. Voila! That was it. The kind man had deposited the entire fee for Nishchay and sent the e-receipt.

I was overwhelmed by his act of kindness. Humanity survives because of people like him. I salute your generous and free spirit sir. He asked me not to reveal his name and he wishes to remain anonymous.

May god bless him. May our society produce more and more such noble souls.

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