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किसको मिला उजियाला सारा, Santosh Kumar Mishra

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किसको मिला उजियाला सारा
किसके हिससे बस अँधियारा ,
कौन चाँद को केवल बढ़ते ही देखा करता है,
शोहरत मिली तो बदनामी भी,
क़िस्मत मिली तो क़ुरबानी भी,
किसका जीवन रंगमहल में सालों साल गुज़रता है
ऐसे ही जीवन चलता है (Santosh Kumar Mishra)
Santosh Mishra IAS

Life is a name of persistent struggle, life is full challenges, life is a field of competition, no one is born winner here but everyone is born here to win, An anecdote of a boy in Kanpur (UP) sets live example for anyone who wants be a winner in life. This boy is no other than Santosh Kumar Mishra, who is a senior bureaucrat, Santosh Kumar Mishra is an Indian Administrative Service Officer of 2000 batch Tamilnadu cadre and presently serving in Chhattisgarh state, Santosh Kumar Mishra is holding charge of key departments in Chhattisgarh state, Information and Public Relation and Tourism.

Santosh Mishra had studied in a municipal school till 5 class that too from hindi medium and for higher studies he went to Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Maha Vidhyalaya from where he passed his higher secondary exam but that too from hindi medium. Santosh Mishra has been a studious boy right from the begging and he had a great interest to go for challenging tasks, once he went IIT Campus in Kanpur along with his uncle who was working in some department of Kanpur IIT. Santosh Mishra was highly inspired and impressed with IIT campus he asked his uncle what is this place meant for, then his uncle replied, son this is the best institute of the country for engineering. That very day Santosh Mishra made up his mind that I want to be here in IIT Kanpur may what come. He appeared in CAT exam which needed a strong background for English language, Santosh Mishra however not having studied in English medium school, he not only cleared the CAT exam but he secured the highest position in that exam. It gives a message that if a person is determined about his goal so he definitely achieves what he aims for. His dreams came true as Satosh Mishra became an IITian (Kanpur).
After completing B’Tech in Electronic Engineering Santosh Mishra got selected for scholarship from America’s top University of electronic engineering Minnesota University. There are three patent registered by his name in Minnesota. Santosh Mishra designed VLS technique which makes computer chips. Santosh Mishra also worked in USA in IT giants like intel, ATNT and Dell Labs. After returning to his home land India, Santosh Mishra opted for Civil Services as his career with a will to serve his country and its people with best of his abilities. Santosh Mishra secured 2nd rank in all India IAS exam and did it with hindi medium Today however Mishra remains occupied in a hectic schedule due to his service and commitment but in all these 17 years of his service as an IAS officer Santosh Mishra never missed a chance to perform his duty to do welfare and reform work for the people around him. Every holiday Santosh Mishra goes to teach in Govt. school

Satosh Mishra shares on his facebook page about his visit to a poor girl who had lost her hands
Price of two hands and two legs
I, sonal and my son suyog, reached Payal’s home today morning. Payal was up and was seated on the hard wooden bed. She was in pain today. She complained about left arm and left leg hurting her. Her dad was sober this morning and could be talked to. He tried his best to explain why he was drunk yesterday when i had reached their home in the evening. Payal was a bit surpised to see us armed with a large sack of rice, some lentils, vegetables, milk, medicines for the week and a large pack of biscuits. She smiled, even though in pain. Her mother tried to make room for us in that 10×8 shack.
When i chided her dad for drinking, she joined in and told that he was asking for money this morning also. Her dad was sheepish. I was amazed. She is definitely bold , smart and brave. I wanted her to be examined by a trusted doctor. I called up Dr Anup Verma, a pediatrician of high repute, and who sees my children. He immediately agreed. I fixed up the appointment and went along with Payal. Dr verma examined her, changed the dressing himself, and prescribed the medicines and doses. She was very apprehensive of the doctor in the beginning and allowed only her mother to touch the wound. Probably her past experience with doctors was not friendly at all? She found comfort and trust in Dr Verma very soon and commented that her mother’s way of dressing the wound was painful. I smiled for the first time since yesterday. On her way out I bought some extra surgical cotton, bandage and surgical tape. It was hot outside. She and her siblings wanted Pepsi. I changed that to “frooty” and waved them a goodbye for the day…


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