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Sambhar Salts Limited (SSL), a subsidiary of Hindustan Salts Limited (HSL) is a GOI Enterprise under Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, New Delhi.

SSL has 60% shareholding of Government of India through HSL and
40% by the State Govt. of Rajasthan, with about 90 Sq. Miles of Salt production Source including Sambhar Lake area spread over in three Districts i.e., Jaipur, Ajmer and Naguar.

More than 5000 unauthorized bore wells have been dug using illegal
laying of electrical cables and motors and pipelines for taking away the lake brine by the local entrepreneurs.

The electric cables and pipelines are spread across the lake and run
into kilometers in length from the locations where the salt is produced in their private lands around the Lake. The pipelines and electric wires connecting such unauthorized bore wells are passing through State
Government land.

The situation is so alarming now that the local private salt producers are fearlessly using JCBs, Heavy Drill Machines and Heavy Duty Compressors to dig bore wells, putting submergible pumps, laying electric cables openly by extending their unauthorized electric connections and chipping away lake brine through pipelines from almost the mid of the lake.
SSL authorized entity to use the lake brine for production of salt is struggling to produce 2 lacs MT/Annum of salt whereas the local
producers in the area are producing more than 30 lac MT P.A. using
lake brine through pilferage and theft.

Causing great loss to not only SSL but also to the government
exchequer more than Rs. 300 crores annually and thousands of crores
from past few years till date.

Sincere efforts are being continuously made to prevent such illegalactivities by HSL/SSL through regular patrolling by the unarmed company officials. Various FIRs has been lodged in the local police stations of Nawa (Distt. Nagaur) and Rupangarh (Ajmer Distt).

Representations and requests made through official letters to the
concerned authorities including the Principal Secretary (Energy) and
Managing Director of Ajmer Vidyut Vitaran Nigam have also not yielded
any fruitful result as yet.

Writ petition has been filed against State DISCOM before the High Court Rajasthan, Jaipur bench, Jaipur on the sole source of Theft illegal electricity connection.

Despite all our efforts, the illegal activities of theft of brine and ·encroachment by these local private salt producers are on constantly increasing and sometimes we feel helpless in dealing with the massive challenge.

In 2009 the State Government appointed Vinod Kapoor Committee in the matter and the committee in its report had recommended removing
of un-authorised bore wells, digging up of 4 ft. x 4 ft. trench all along the boundary of Sambhar Salts Limited land, however, administration has shown reservations for digging the trench.

A P.I.L. No. 108/2013 filed by Sh. Naresh Kadyan against Union of India & others is pending in Hon’ble Supreme Court of India for decision.

Earlier, private Salt producers in Nawa/Mohanpura Tehsil of Nagaur District and Rupangarh Tehsil of Ajmer District have taken the excuse that boundary of SSL has not been earmarked.

To overcome the problems, SSL has done completed the mapping and
demarcating of its boundaries including of disputed area in June, 2013 with the help of Settlement Deptt. of State.

Company is yet to know the current status of the survey by the Settlement Deptt and the final Map of the complete lake area is also yet to be received from the Settlement Deptt of state government for which company has already paid Rs. 14.16 lakhs as its fees.

All Officials such as Chief Secretary, Secretary (Home), Principal Secretary (Revenue),Principal Secretary(Energy), Government of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Collector(Jaipur/ Nagaur/ Ajmer),Member Secretary/ (Central Ground Water Authority, New Delhi and Regional Director(CGWA) Jaipur, where requested to direct all the concerned authorities to direct the State Discoms to disconnect all the electricity connections involved in illegal and unauthorized use of the same for brine theft from the Lake and safeguard the interest of the company but all in vain.

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