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Digvijaya the most active politician on social media

May 15th, 2016 4:57 pm | By | Category: LATEST NEWS


Digvijaya Singh is one man army in Congress party who most capably propogate the ideology of his party amongst the youth of country. Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and present Rajya Sabha Member Fondly known as “Diggy Raja” is said to be the most active politician on socail media just as Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has numerous followers on social media.

Digvijaya Singh’s Facebook page has over 6 lacs followers. Singh writes political posts on daily basis taking current political happenings into an account. For Singh socail media like facebook and twitter are key tool to bridge effective communication with people. Through his FB pages Singh posts about the present NDA Government’s failure and allege communal incidences taking palce in many parts of the country. Digvijaya Singh posts are mostly targetting to PM, Sangh Pariwar and alleged curruption in BJP ruled states. He also posts funny photoshoped jokes addressed to bhakats. There are lacs of followers of this senior politiacian on socail media who claim to be hardcore fan of Digvijaya Singh due to his fearless attitude and sansetional revealations whether about Hament Karkare Martyr, Bhagwa Atankwad and Vyapam scam of MP Govt. no one during UPA regin or present Modi regime could prove the allegations made by Digvijaya false. Fan of Diggy Raja feel proud to follow him on socail media regularly. Digvijaya Singh knows the importance of IT and social media morethan any one his fraternity where many young politicians are left behind in keeping their followers updated when it come to socail media. DVS every post has major shares, likes and comments; however many users are there on social media who dont agree with Digvijaya Singh’s opinion keep attacking him with awkward comments.
Pro Singh and anti Singh both camps follow rigorously his posts on social media to hail it or to negate it. Many people say Digvijaya Singh has quite sucessfully united the people of country who believe in secularism fabric of India as the foundation of this nation simultaneously he has also has united the people who dislike his ideology.

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