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Bhagyashree Pande (Renowed Writer)

Bhagyashree Pande
(Renowed Writer)

(By Bhagyashree Pande)
As BJP celebrates its foundation day on April 6 the big question that confronts the party, it’s elected members and cadres is- What will win it the 2019 elections? The buzz in the BJP circles is that its electoral fortunes could go so low that it will not win 2019 Lok Sabha elections. It could be very well a possibility with the opposition mounting regular charge of some serious nature from poor economic management, failing economy ,unemployment to roll back of reservation and quotas. What worries the saffron party is that it’s image is taking a serious beating on these issues most of all it plays on the minds of middle class urban voter who are it’s core voterbase. To compound the problem is the SC ST OBC Dalit and farmers rallying against the ruling party on various issues. Incidentally it is the rural votebase that the Modi has been targetting ever since he has come to power in 2014 the pro- poor bias can be seen in every scheme that has been announced till now – Demonitisation, Healthcare benefits, Jan dhan accounts, Ujjwala yojna or Swacch Bharat Mission etc. Besides a pro- poor bias he wants to position himself in some way as a messiah of the poor through these schemes. One cannot but agree with Political observers when they say that Modi wants to be a modern day ‘Robin Hood’. He tried to do that with demonitisation but it did not work his way it won him UP but for 2019 he needs to something far bigger than demonitisation that will win him an election besides giving him the ‘Rohinhood’ tag. It’s very obvious that the Modi Shah team will not let power slip from their hands so easily.

So, what could be their next move to win the hearts and minds of the rural voters for 2019 as is his focus ? The grapevine in BJP is that there is one last promise that Modi has not fulfilled that of bringing back black money stashed abroad the promise of ‘Rs 15 lacs per account’. How will that be possible? Political observers say it is possible that he stuffs the Jan Dhan accounts with maybe Rs 1 lac or so as a partly fulfilled promise which gives him the heft to tell the masses ‘here I have fulfilled the much promised money getting them back from all those Nirav-Lalit Modis and Mallyas who have looted this country, it is not the sum I promised but if you elect me more of it is coming in your accounts’. Such a move could definitely get him the rural votes and the much needed electoral victory for 2019.

What will the opposition do in this case? They have already charged him with spending money for buying votes that charge could very well be true in such a situation. What is to be seen how prepared is the opposition counter such a calculated monied move. 2019 will certainly be an interesting election to watch out for! !!

2019: What will win Modi this election?

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