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SAIL management enthuses young managers to take leadership roles

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P K Singh

P K Singh

Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) is focusing on developing high impact leadership amongst its ranks for which it is sensitizing talented young executives to drive the top management’s agenda of‘change’ and for transforming SAIL into a vibrant organization. With this aim in sight, Chairman, SAIL,
P.K. Singh and other Directors interacted with young managers for re-energizing them and reshaping their perspective on leadership. The session was part of a four day training programme organized at SAIL Management Training Institute (MTI) in Ranchi and was attended by around 100 young executives.

Drawing from his experience in SAIL, P.K. Singh focused his talk on channelizing the energy of the executives, asking them to realize the leader in themselves rather than just look for role models outside.
Stressing on the concept of leadership he said “Attaining a leadership position is not greatness by itself, delivering value in it is.” While interacting with managers he said, “You must have conviction in your approach that comes from knowledge and practice. Develop knowledge so that your opinion will be valued everywhere.” He further advised, “As a leader you must question dogmas. Also you should not be searchers of consensus,you should be a consensus moulder.” P.K. Singh, told the participants that, “Considering the diverse nature of operations in SAIL there is a tremendous need to look beyond your specific work area and think out of the box. Gathering wide knowledge base will help you analyze and develop yourself.” Stressing on the idea of every employee being a leader in his own respect he said “we have to build and sustain a winning attitude and avoid
short term thinking or quick remedies.” Chairman SAIL urged the participants to think big, work with passion and not accept mediocrity in any aspect of their work. “Excellence is a process, not a finishing touch. It cannot come only at the end, it has to be at every level,” he said. This initiative is a part of Chairman’s continuing one-to- one interaction series with employees of the
company which has been initiated by him since assumption of charge. So far,Singh has interacted with a cross section of more than twenty thousand employees. The thrust of this interaction was aimed
at bringing about cultural change in the organization. At this crucial juncture for steel industry across the world, SAIL management realizes that business
environment has become extremely challenging. Thus the company, in a recent meeting of top management, devised appropriate responses for the impending challenges to turn them into
opportunities. Five core areas were identified including:
 Ensuring Quality and cost effective input
 Achieving Production excellence
 Optimizing New Assets Utilization
 Enhancing Customer Delight
 Leveraging Human Capital

In its journey towards excellence, SAIL is relying heavily on the talent and leadership potential of its people. Based on this the program, ‘Becoming a High Impact Leader’ was designed. The program was a re-affirmation of the company’s belief that there should be no gaps in awareness about organizational
issues at the grass-root level since it plays a vital part in company’s entire value chain. In order to develop young managers into leaders of tomorrow, such training programmes are an important tool. In addition to in-house faculty, the participants got insights on leadership from Prof. Debashis Chatterjee, Director General, IMI, who is a renowned speaker and author of many books on leadership and a former
Director of IIM, Kozikodhe.

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