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MP’s Cyber Police Kisaan-Connect an effective intiative to crub cyber crimes in the state

Mar 16th, 2017 9:18 am | By | Category: SPECIAL NEWS COVERAGE

‘Special Report’
Madhya Pradesh Police “Cyber Cell” has taken a noble initiative to crub cyber crimes and digital frauds in the state as it commonly occurs with farmers. Keeping this aspect in mind it to facilitate farmers of the state. This initiative of MP Cyber Police has been named as Kisaan-Connect. The purpose of Kisaan-Connect drive of MP Cyber Police is to spread awareness and give consultancy to the farmers about digital frauds which occur in the name of investments and financial assistance and during crops mostly farmers become victim of such frauds. Kisaan-Connect awareness and consultancy drive has been running in co-ordination with kisaam mandi.

Shailender S.Chauhan, AIG, during kisaan-connect training program

Shailender S.Chauhan, AIG, during kisaan-connect training program

MP Cyber Police has open special cyber nodel offices in the police stations accross the state wherein consultancy and training is being provided about fraudulent and cyber crimes to the farmers and the common citizens of the state. when contacted Shailender Singh Chauhan (AIG) Cyber Cell informed that the model of this drive is specailly made to crub digital frauds and his cyber cell department is enguaged totally to spread this message to the masses via all possible mediums.

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