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Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority successfully raised Rs.2000 crores on BSE BOND platform

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(THE NEWSMAN OF INDIA.COM) Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Asia’s oldest exchange and now world’s fastest stock exchange with the speed of 6 microseconds, on 1st July 2016 had launched the platform for Electronic Book Mechanism “BSE BOND” for issuance of debt securities on private placement basis. On August 14, 2018, Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority (“APCRDA”) successfully raised Rs. 2000 crores by issuing bonds on private placement basis using BSE BOND platform.

andhra chandra babu naidu
Nara Chandrababu Naidu, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh said “Amaravati Bond 2018 has created history by over subscription raising Rs2000 Cr and is the testimony of investors’ confidence in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Amaravati. This will help in developing Amaravati as smart, sustainable and happy city and as a global destination of people, jobs and investments.”
ashish chouhan bse
Speaking on this occasion Ashishkumar Chauhan, CEO & MD BSE said, “I am delighted that Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority (“APCRDA”) is able to raise Rs. 2000 crores successfully using BSE BOND platform, a market leading platform for bond raising in India. It’s indeed remarkable that the very first issue of APCRDA on BSE BOND platform has received such an overwhelming response. BSE firmly believes that Indian Bond Market is tapping ample potential for sizeable growth and India is parking its domestic savings in the most judicious manner.”

Dr Sreedhar Cherukuri, Commissioner, Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority and Capital Area said ” In an unprecedented manner in the history of history of urban local bodies, Amaravati Bond raised Rs 2000 Cr with 1.53 times over subscription. The investors’ confidence in Greenfield Smart City Amaravati helps APCRDA to develop it on fast track.”

BSE has been a market leader for bond issuances using BSE bond platform which enjoys 60% market share. BSE’s platform has been a preferred choice for companies to raise Debt Capital in India. Since commencement from July 2016; 120 Issuers have done 1,133 issues of bonds and have successfully raised Rs. 4, 85,732/- crores using BSE Debt platforms. Some of the esteemed issuers include PFC, RECL, IRFC, PGCI, NHAI, HDFC, Axis Bank, PGCI, NABARD, Yes Bank etc.

In FY16-17, BSE listed 2353 Instruments with an amount totalling to Rs 420,660/- crore .In FY17-18, BSE has listed 1996 Instruments with an amount totalling to Rs 428,905/- crore. In F.Y. 2018-19 (till July), Exchange has listed 611 instruments with an amount totalling Rs 89,595/- crore.

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