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Bhopal DIG Dr. Raman Singh Sikarwar an innovative officer

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Dr. Raman Singh Sikarwar, an IPS Officer of 2002 batch MP cadre present DIG Bhopal has been instrumental in successfully maintaining law and order with peace and harmony in Bhopal. Sikarwar is known for his different style of working as he always works out experiments that eventually turns quite positive and practical.
After taking charge as Bhopal DIG Sikarwar a noble initiative again, Now Bhopal police is setting extraordinary example to reform poor children of slums by education. Sikarwar and his team have opened two Bal Paramarsh Kender in two Police Station Campuses in Bhopal. Slums are mostly believed to be hub of crime in any city. Taking cognizance of this to facilitate and reform children of slums Bhopal police has taken this gracious initiative opening of Bal Paramarsh Kender. It’s a rare example in the country wherein Bhopal has taken sole responsibility to finance this Bal Paramarsh Kender from their own pocket to educate poor children, Bhopal Police has arranged vehicles to pick and drop these children to schools which are conducted in police station campus, police personals go door to door to conveyance the parents of non school going poor children to come to Bal Paramarsh Kender schools. Now some NGO’s and social groups too have shown desire to contribute their services to promote this initiative of Bhopal Police. In view to take this initiative for long way Sikarwar has registered a society these Bal Paramarsh Kender under which it will run. Bhopal IG Yogesh Choudhary and DIG Dr. Raman Singh Sikarwar are made guardians of the society, SP Bhopal (South) Anshuman Singh and SP Bhopal (North) Arvind Saxena are made President of the society whereas one CSP is made the Secretary of this society.
During the earlier posting as SP Sikarwar has been credited for his initiative of Police Rural Arbitration and Settlement at rural police station in Seewni and Sehore districts. According to Sikarwar in rural areas most of the cases registered of pity nature, such cases should be handled with utmost care, in situation of ignorance of such small matter of amenity in rural areas may turn into sensational cases. Keeping these facts into mind Sikarwar took this initiative to set rural settlements centers wherein all such pity issues are settled down taking both the disputed parties into confidence. The results of the settlement centre were quite positive which helped to control the crime graph of rural areas.

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