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BJP facinates UP’s Muslims, Even Deoband’s mandate for Modi.

Mar 11th, 2017 2:43 pm | By | Category: LATEST NEWS

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“Special analysis on UP polls results”
By A.H.Siddique

BJP’s leading victory in 85 seats out of 100 Muslim dominated constituencies gives a clear cut indication of Muslims attraction and inclination towards BJP. It is due to BJP’s anti-corruption and pro-development political stand which probably has conveyed quite successfully in this election even upto the conventional and typical voter of Uttar Pradesh this voter includes Muslims and Dalits also.

This is an old saying that no Government can be formed in Uttar Pradesh with out the support of Muslim and Dalit voter.

In 2017 UP assembly elections BJP’s massive success and landslid victory with over 320 seats conveys a clear message. There is a changing scenario in Indian political corridors specially in state like Uttar Pradesh.

If it is examined closely then it can be clearly seen that it, in MP, Chhattisgarh and Gujarat states even minorities have started finding their political expectations meeting out in BJP regime and minorities have started taking its slogan “Sabka Vikas Sab Ke Saath”. Most interesting in past one decade the political statistics and circumstances have been significantly changed the now political trends seems have crossed the barriers of religion cast and creed. It started from Gujarat which practically showcased the development model to the country, this voyage went through MP,GC Haryana, Rajasthan and now seems entered into UP and Uttrakhand

It leads to a more and sufficiently successful political situation in the country if people of the country votes for development pro-parties by ignoring rotten issues which were being patronised and polarized for many many years.  Now it all depends on Prime Minister Narindra Modi to create history of unprecedented development in UP to retain the faith of all kind of voter minorities and Muslims specially.              

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