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Boost to Make in India: HAL Rolls-out HTT-40 Prototype

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Bengaluru, February 2, 2016: HAL has rolled-out the first prototype of HTT-40 with the aircraft sporting all the aircraft lights and powered on cockpit. T. Suvarna Raju, CMD, HAL said that the HTT-40 prototype efforts symbolizes the renewed and revitalized proactive approach at HAL. “It is important that all of us work towards meeting deadlines by overcoming challenges to meet the expectations at various levels. The project has managed to steer through the initial headwinds and now is going full throttle. There are plans to weaponize and optimize HTT-40 aircraft”, he added.

The roll-out of prototype took place recently from the equipping facility at Aircraft Research and Design Centre (ARDC) hangar through a remotely operated minicar. HAL Board members were present along with members from Flight Operations, IAF-IPMT(integrated project management team) headed by Air Marshal Rajesh Kumar, Regional Center for Military Airworthiness (RCMA) and Regional Director of Quality Assurance (RDQA). The team composition of HTT-40 is the youngest ever on any prototype programs in HAL.

The aircraft is now ready for undertaking ground runs and taxi trials to be followed by its maiden flight. The ground runs will be conducted with the assistance from the engine OEM at ARDC itself.

The HTT-40 design was adapted to a final decision on engine selection in May 2015 and the first prototype manufacturing is completed followed by this roll out.

In November 2015, the Indian Air Force had issued task directive for the Design and Development of HTT-40.

ARDC also touts HTT 40 as the first ever prototype to be manufactured completely based on a digital mock-up and also by using laser tracked jigs and metal tooling at proto phase itself. Also, the Division has sought active participation of Aircraft Division, Bengaluru which has been identified as the production agency for HTT- 40. Out of the 90 LRUs on HTT-40, 70 systems are sourced from sister Divisions of HAL which include HAL Lucknow, HAL Hyderabad and HAL Korwa(U.P). The Aero Engine Research & Design Centre (AERDC), Engine Division and HAL Kanpur are participating on the engine integration aspects.

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