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BSE StAR MF new record in May 2022; processes 2.04 Cr transactions

May 31st, 2022 8:26 pm | By | Category: LATEST NEWS

Mumbai, May 31st, 2022: Continuing its stellar performance, India’s largest regulated Exchange-based online Mutual Funds Distribution platform- BSE StAR MF- is moving consistently towards transforming itself into a unique end-to-end-value based platform.

With all mutual funds and distributors channelising their transactions through online platforms, BSE StAR MF, set its highest monthly record of 2.04 Cr transaction in May’22 as against its previous best of 1.96 Cr transactions in Mar’22.

In FY21-22, BSE StAR MF has processed 18.47 Cr transactions as compared to 9.38 Cr during FY 20-21.

During the financial year 2021-22, BSE StAR MF has put up 97% growth to reach 18.47 Cr transactions and Rs 81,350 Cr as net equity inflow for mutual funds.

Some of the Key Highlights are:


• For May ‘22 was Rs. 38,370 cr., compared to Rs 36,703 cr. on April ‘22, an increase of 5%

• For May ‘22 was Rs. 38,370 cr., compared to Rs. 31,288 cr. on May ‘21, an incredible growth of 23%

Net Equity Inflow:

• For May ’22 it was Rs. 8,403 cr compared to Rs. 6,999 cr for Apr ’22 a growth of 20%

• For May ’22 it was Rs. 8,403 cr compared to Rs. 5,147 cr for May ’21, an incredible growth of 63%


• For May ‘22 was 2.04 cr an increase of 5% as compared to 1.94 cr for Apr ‘22.

• For May ‘22 was 2.04 cr has significantly increased by 79% as compared to 1.10 cr for May’21.

SIP Book Size:

• For May’22 the platform registered 8.17 lakh new SIPs amounting to Rs 208 cr.

• For Apr’22 the platform registered 9.81 lakh new SIPs amounting to Rs 243 cr


Distributor network has seen multi-fold increase to 72,709 (as on May 2022).

BSE StAR MF App (StAR MF Mobility) has processed over 65.04 lakh transactions since its launch, amounting to Rs. 21,782 Cr till May 2022. The app was launched to help Mutual Fund Distributors register clients on real-time basis and execute paperless transactions. Because of the superior support system and distribution reach of BSE StAR MF, the platform has grown exponentially with network of over 72,252 distributors in India.

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