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Can an independent enquiry end dissension in CBI

Oct 23rd, 2018 9:57 pm | By | Category: LATEST NEWS

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New Delhi: The internal war between the two top officials of country’s top investigation agency Central Bureau of Investigation escalated recently when in the probe agency calling a complaint by its second-in-command Rakesh Asthana against its chief Alok Verma “malicious, frivolous” and an attempt to intimidate agency officers probing the former’s role in six cases.

The rather unusual statement was issued by the CBI as reports of Mr Asthana filing a complaint before the Central Vigilance Commission or CVC alleging interference in the investigations undertaken by the special investigation team under him surfaced in the media.

In this entire episode PMO, NSA and CVC is siad to be in knowledge of this unprecedented move in CBI. Since the agency’s internal fight come out in public and has become the talk of the town and it requires an attempt of arbitration which is a legal technique for the resolution of dispute. To put a full-stop on turnishing the image of CBI which stands among one of the top and recognised investigation agencies in the world, can government of India initiate with some solid formula to end this dispute which has resulted the alligations and counter alligations between the two parties in CBI, this dispute is also called the fight for power center, un order to initiate an independent enquiry If the government can form a comeettee headed by former Judge of Supreme Court or a neutral former Chief of CBI who is well-versed with the agency working. The mediation of third parties will make way in resolving the disputes between two parties with concrete effects.

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