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Bhagyashree Pande (Renowed Writer)

Bhagyashree Pande
(Renowed Writer)

(by Bhagyashree Pande)
Sonia Gandhi spoke about leading in the 2019 elections if Congress President asked her to do so. The point is can Sonia and Rahul Gandhi who are both media shy and make limited public appearance inspire the Congress cadres and the voters to take on the present selfie clicking, forever tweeting and in the limelight leadership ? The need of the hour for the Congress is a leadership that leads from the front and is in the forefront in every election taking on the opposition on every action and word .That aggression is not there in the Congress at the moment in fact the ruling party is still so affected by Congress it seems that it cannot win a single election on its own merit without naming the Party.

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Can Sonia Gandhi inspire the Voter in 2019?

Article By Bhagyashree Pande)

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