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Coir Board wins Gold Medal again in IITF 2023

Nov 27th, 2023 10:23 pm | By | Category: SPECIAL NEWS COVERAGE

ITPO International Trade Fair Awards 2023 Once again Coir Board continues its dominance by winning the Gold Medal at the Government of India International Trade Fair’s Best Exhibitor Awards i.e., Gold Medal. Coir Board, under the leadership of its visionary Secretary Jitendra Kumar Shukla, this year Coir Board has showcased its innovative and creative stall.Coir Board has been declared the best in its category and has been awarded the first-prize gold medal., However, Coir Board was awarded the Silver Medal last year and has been awarded Gold Medal in 2023. This time it is also special because many countries from around the world have participated in India for the first time. At an award ceremony organized by ITPO on the last day, ITPO CMD Pradeep Singh Kharola awarded the Gold Medal to Coir Board. Coir Board has taken a new initiative to showcase its innovative machines for producing various coir products very effectively. To spread awareness among the public in the form of Coir Hanging / Vertical Gardens and classes for sustainable and organic coir products like Coir Compost, Coir Pith, Coir Woods, Coir Ply, Coir Garden Articles etc. for effective pollution management especially in metropolitan cities. Launched an innovative digital human service. In such a situation, the Coir Board which is working to create employment for the poorest people of the society related to the coir industry.

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