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Create Strategies to crub crimes in the state, MP-CM to IG-DIG

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MP Police
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has said that taking tough action with sensitivity and readiness to deal with women crimes. Whereby the criminals are scared. Develop a strategic strategy to control crimes. Strengthen the system at district level to deal with cyber crimes. Play an awareness campaign to stop chit fund companies from fraud. Chief Minister Chouhan will be presenting the IG-DIG in the Police Headquarters here today. Were addressed in the conference. Home Minister Bhupendra Singh was also present on this occasion.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that in Madhya Pradesh, the police has come face to face with every challenge. Its achievements are worth the pride. Law system is an area in which continuously new challenges arise. The way criminals are developing, ways of crime are also changing. A new challenge has arisen from the cyber crime. Women’s crimes are increasing with distortions in society. Strict action should be taken against sensitivity and readiness to deal with such crimes. For this, continuous petrol should be done at places such as female hostels, colleges, schools, coaching centers. Continuous patrol team up to beat level Be an effective presence of police in the area. Develop trust among people by making proper use of resources.

Provide comprehensive information on helpline numbers and e-cops

Chief Minister Chauhan instructed that the helpline number and e-coop should provide comprehensive information about the facilities. Train and alert students to self defense. Besides the police force, seek help from village and city security committees, NCC, NSS, Shaurya Force, Tejaswini Group and Self Help Groups. Install One Stop Center in all the districts. The character verification of driver-conductor in school buses must be done mandatory and strictly follow the rules for being a female conductor in school buses. In the school buses, CCTV should be installed in the time-limit. All female hostels have cooked and sanitary women. CCTV should be installed on the entrance of women hostels. Public Security Bill should be brought in the forthcoming assembly session.

Make special strategies for preventing drug abuse

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that many districts have done a good job to stop communal incidents. Keep constant vigilance in such cases. Coordination and better coordination with different departments and other departments of Police Department Make a case of compulsory retirement for a transparent and corruption-free arrangement, for twenty years of service and fifty years of passive and incorrect records. The state government has made changes in the sand excavation policy. As a result, people can easily get sand as per need and employment opportunities also increase. The police department will continue to stop the illegal mining of sand. Make special strategies for preventing drug abuse. Take strict action on the big criminals. Plan to impose illegal weapons in the Khargone-Badwani district by employing the Sikligars.

Special cell for cyber security in every district

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the cyber security system should be improved. Make special cell for cyber security in every district. Cm Take effective action in the helpline episodes. Take action under the legal provision of misleading advertisements in electronic media. NSA And take effective action of district collector. Take strict legal action to stop usury. Take special action in the cases of missing girls in tribal areas and take special action. Take action to prevent illegal evacuation of the offspring Keeping in view the law and order situation in the state, the police department will continue to do better.

In the meeting, Home Minister Bhupendra Singh also addressed. Director General of Police R.K. Shukla said that keeping in view the challenges of next year, action plan for control of crimes has been made. Two or two female presidents will be posted in each police station in the next three years. The women’s rest room will also be arranged in the police stations. To prevent illegal evacuation of Gauvans, special surveillance is being maintained on the roads going from the state border.

On this occasion, Chief Minister Chauhan released Statistical Data – 2017. Senior officials of Police Headquarters and IG-DIG in the meeting. was present.

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