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ESIC Clarification on reporting of alleged improper services at ESIC Hospital and Dispensaries, Noida

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ESIC in response to the news published in some of the newspapers about ESI IPs & their Beneficiaries not getting proper treatment at ESIC Hospital and Dispensaries, Noida, has clarified that ESIC Hospital, Noida has been providing dedicated medical care and all types of treatment related services to the IPs and their beneficiaries. This may further be substantiated by the relevant data which shows that ESIC Hospital has done remarkably well in providing medical care during such Covid-19 pandemic.

ESIC has further said that their Hospital at Noida has attended about 68000 patients since April, 2020 & all the 04 Dispensaries located at Sector – 12, Sector – 57, NEPZ and Greater Noida have treated more than 1 Lakh IPs and their beneficiaries during this periods. Besides this, ESIC Hospital has started treatment of Covid-19 patients since June, 2020 and 100 beds have been made operational in this regard. Medicines to patients visiting the hospital is distributed from newly established in-house Pharmacy of the Hospital.

ESIC, Sub-Regional Office, Noida is also providing cash benefit to Insured Persons of Noida and thus helping them in mitigating their hardships during this tough time of Covid Pandemic. A total of 25829 payments amounting to Rs. 8.5 cr. has been made towards Cash Benefit since April, 2020.

As per Government directives, ESIC Hospitals are involved in fighting the menace of COVID-19. The efforts of ESI Corporation have been appreciated and its infrastructure of medical services has also been opened to all Covid-19 patients which include general public also. So far, 23 ESIC hospitals with around 2600 Isolation Beds and aprox 1350 quarantine beds across India are functioning as COVID-19 dedicated Hospitals. In addition to above, around 961 Covid Isolation Beds are available in most of the remaining ESIC Hospitals across the country, making a total of 3597 Covid Isolation Beds in various ESIC Hospitals. Further, a total of 555 ICU/HDU Beds with 213 Ventilators have also been made available in these Hospitals.

In these testing time, when the entire country is committed to fight this Pandemic, Medical and Para-Medical fraternities are the real warriors and they are working beyond their call of duty to save lives from the catastrophic effects of Covid-19.

Though the role of media can’t be undermined, ESIC requests their cooperation and forbearance in this testing time.

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