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Follow me on social media to right guidence ‘ Digvijaya Singh’

Jun 30th, 2018 12:34 pm | By | Category: SPECIAL NEWS COVERAGE

Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh has invited social media sevys to follow him in-order to get the right guidence.

He tweeted
digvijaya singh
मुझे पता नहीं आप मुझे सोशल मीडिया पर follow करते हैं या नहीं पर अगर ना करते हैं तो कृपया मुझे follow करें आपको सही मार्ग दर्शन मिलेगा!

There was a mixed response on his this tweet,his critics has posted negative replies on Digvijaya’s tweet on the other side his admirers have hailed his tweet warmly. Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Digvijaya Singh is known for his blunt and upright statements in politics, most of his statements have never been proved wrong even after numerous attempt to challenge Digvijaya’s statements.This too is one of the reason Digvijaya Singh faces heavy criticisim on social media by his critics.
Digvijaya Singh

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