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HAL Strongly Refutes NOC Allegation  

Feb 26th, 2019 1:32 pm | By | Category: LATEST NEWS

Bengaluru, February 26, 2019: With reference to the fire mishap which took place in P5 parking lot during Air Show on February 23, 2019, we strongly refute the statement issued by Fire Department that HAL did not take NoC.  We strongly refute this claim of Fire Department that a notice was issued to HAL on February 19, 2019. Fire Department did not issue any notice to HAL, a copy of notice issued by Fire Department to Director, Ministry of Defence, is enclosed for clarification of any doubt.  It may be noted from the wording of the notice that it refers to the temporary structures being raised inside the show venue and does not refer to Parking lot in any way. The State Fire Department is diverting the public’s attention from the parking lot Fire to the exhibition area.

HAL would also like to put on record that during various meetings held under chairmanship of senior functionary of State Government the task of Disaster & Fire Management was specifically assigned to State Fire Department and the Fire Department had confirmed that necessary measures were being taken. 

HAL being a responsible DPSU has always complied with all statutory requirements

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