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Income Tax -MP and Chhattisgarh creates record in the tenure of Abrar Ahmed

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Abrar Ahmed, an IRS officer of 1980 batch who has succeeded V.K.Mishra July 2015 as Principal Chief Commissioner of Income tax (MP&CG). Under the headship of Abrar Ahmed MP & CG revenue collection has shown remarkable growth which has given an indication of collection potentiality in this region if it is with accuracy backup with targeted direction

As a head of MP and CG Abrar Ahmed is solely responsible for supervising Chief Commissioners, Pr. Commissioners, Commissions, Addl. Commissioners, Asstt. Commissioners and ITOs, Fiscal Administration including assessment, collection and recovery of direct taxes, survey operations and having target of Rs.5965 crores during the current financial year.

The present Budget Collection scenario of MP, CG
Budget target which is fixed for MP & CG is at Rs. 19.237 Cr. Which is 17.83% more than the actual achievement of last year. Till date Rs. 9006.5Cr. has been collected This region has put more efforts in the area of TDS collection to achieve the budget collection. TDS growth rate is 12.74% as against 11.31% growth rate for All India. As of now, the department under the visionary supervision of Principal Chief Commissioner of Income tax (MP&CG),Abrar Ahmed has collected Rs. 5527.6 Cr the annual target of Rs. 8264/- Cr. So far In order to achieve the budget collect target the department is regularly monitoring advance tax collection. But the two main companies NCL at Jabalpur and SECL at Bilaspur are not paying taxes as paid in the corresponding previous year. Short fall on part of both the companies comes to Rs. 687 cr. However, the total budget collection of CCIT , Bhopal region is on date without NCL shows a growth a growth rate of 2.3% than the preceding year.

The department by conducting good surveys is able to make collection of taxes As per the report s, Total 33 surveys have been conducted and undisclosed income of Rs. 108 Cr. has been detected so far and 7.5 Cr. have been collected so far Department is also making efforts in the area of NMS in all three cycles, department has collected revenue of Rs. 59.58 Cr. So far and it has got new assesses of 45541 so far, further, efforts are being made by the department to increase the revenue & no. of returns and new assesses,The department has all ready crossed the budget target fixed for arrear demand collection as against the target of Rs. 1041 Cr. This also has collected Rs. 1063 Cr. So far.

The department has great expectations from this senior officer who’s track record itself speak of his worth in serving to the nation.

The other key positions wherein Abrar Ahmed has served with utmost dedication and result orientation are as follows

In the past Abrar Ahmed has served pan India in various reputed position, before his present position he was the Chief Commissioner of Income tax-III, Mumbai (from. Nov. 2014 to June, 2015) and he served as Chief Commissioner of Income tax-VI, Mumbai (from May 2014 to Nov. 2014), and as Chief Commissioner of Income tax-V, Mumbai (from Dec. 2013 to May
2014) he was Chief Commissioner of Income tax-XI, Mumbai (from June 2013 to Dec. 2013) also as Chief Commissioner of Income tax-IX, Mumbai (from January 2013 to May 2013)

Managing Director of National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation
(NMDFC)(A Govt. of India Undertaking) (Joint Secretary to the Govt. of India level post)

Commissioner of Income Tax, Ahmedabad, Gujrat : (from June 2006 to May,2008) : Dealing with Appellate matters relating to the Search & Seizure cases in bigger cases.

Commissioner of Income tax, Ajmer (Rajasthan( (August 2004 – June 2006)
Supervising3 Additional Commissioner, 15 Asstt. Commissioners and ITOs Fiscal
Administration including assessment, collection and recovery of direct taxes, survey
operations, budget collection increased by 74%.

Zonal Director, Narcotics Control Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs (March
1999 to March 2004) : Supervising staff of 50 highly trained Intelligence Officers,
created history with record seizure of cocaine, heroin and other harmful drugs,
various appreciation letters received during this period.

Deputy Commissioner of Income tax, Range-5, New Delhi (May 1997– March
1999 Supervising 14 senior Officers of Income tax including Asstt. Commissioners and
Income tax Officers, Fiscal administration including assessment, collection and
recovery of direct taxes, survey operations, effective contribution in concluded
Voluntary Disclosure Scheme.

Deputy Commissioner of Income tax., Special Range, New Delhi (May 1996 –
May 1977) Assessment of important and high revenue yielding cases of Delhi including
some very important big groups in which the investigation resulted in sustainable
recovery of direct taxes.

Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax (Audit) (Oct. 1995 – April 1996)
Audit of assessment work done by two hundred officers including senior assessing
Officers like Dy. Commissioners (Assmt.), Asstt. Commissioners and Income tax
Officers, directly supervising audit work of six officers engaged in audit work in
Delhi covering five Commissioner charges.

Senior Department Representative, Income tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT), New
Delhi (April 1994 – September 1995.)
Representing before ITAT in important and big complex cases relating to direct
taxes, had occasion to face the best legal brains in the country, presentation before
ITAT led to the Income Tax Department’s success in a large number of cases resulting in letter of appreciation from Higher Authorities.

Deputy Commissioner of Income tax, Special Range, New Delhi (April 1993 – May 1994)
Assessment of big companies cases of Delhi, collection and recovery of direct taxes
related with companies.

Deputy Director of Income tax (Investigation), New Delhi June 1990 – March 1993).
Collection of intelligence relating to evasion of taxes from various sources, Co-ordination with various agencies of the Govt. of India and other organizations, planning conducting and supervising of search and survey operations in Delhi.

Deputy Commissioner of Income tax, Special Range, New Delhi (Mar. 1989 – May 1990)
Assessment of company cases and cases of big groups including such cases in which search & seizure operations were conducted, collection and recovery of taxes in such cases.

Assistant Director of Income Tax ( Investigation), Kanpur (UP) (1986 – 1989)
Collection of intelligence, Planning, Conducting and Supervising search operation, record seizure of cash in U.P.

Assistant Commissioner of Income tax, Kanpur U.P. (1982-1989)
Assessment, collection and recovery of direct taxes, having jurisdiction over important cases of Kanpur.

Achievements and Awards of Abrar Ahmed
• Cash rewards from the Govt. of India in several outstanding cases relating to
• search & seizure

• Certificate of commendation from the Finance Minister of the Govt. of India for
• outstanding work in planning and conducting of search operations.

• Certificate of appreciation from the Director General of Income tax (Inv.), for
• significant achievement.

• Certificate of appreciation and commendation from Director General of Narcotics
• Control Bureau of India.

• Letter of appreciation from Ambassador of Russian Federation.

• Letter of appreciation of Chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes, Govt. of India.

• Appreciation by Secretary, Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India.

• Appreciation by Cabinet Minister of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India,.

• Maulana Mohd. Ali Jauhar Academy Award, 2007

• Certificate of Honour by Parwaz Media Group.

• “7th National Excellency Award 2009.”

• Various other Awards & Appreciation/Commendation letters.

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