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Is it high time to have Police Commissioner system in MP?

Mar 28th, 2018 11:11 pm | By | Category: SPECIAL NEWS COVERAGE

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(THE NEWSMAN OF INDIA.COM) Special article by S. Umar

As Madhya Pradesh Government is in consideration process to implement Police Commissioner system in Bhopal and Indore to bring most smart policing into the system. The crime figur of Indore and Bhopal has continuosly gone up even after strategising deffernt sets of methode by govt of MP.

Also its a long pending demand for Police Commissioner system to apply in Bhopal and Indore cities of MP. under this system policing calls for swift and unified action that does not brook either delayed action or a divided command. This is the rationale for the creation of Commissionerates. It is worth recalling that even under the British, the Presidency towns of Bombay, Calcutta and Madras had a Commissioner of Police who reported directly to the government.

It is expected that Police Commissioner system in Bhopal and Indore would help in quick police operations to tackle really dynamic public safety situations as responsibility of law and order including primary judicial power will be vested with the Specialist (IPS) instead of the Generalist (IAS). If this sysmtem come into an existence with out unnecessary political or social intervention then there can be drastic down in the crimes against women, cyber and other heinous crimes that rocks the cities quite often, because the Commissioner of Police will directly and totally be accountable to the executive for his performance. The buck will stops with him. and there cannot blame game betweem IPS and IAS.

Police Commissioner system will increase the law enforcement agency’s ability to prevent and control crime through more effective and efficient delivery of law enforcement services to the community it serves.

It is expected that this system will enhances community understanding of the law enforcement agency (police) with whole sole power. Citizen confidence in the policing will be increased.

Police Commissioner system is going to creates an atmosphere in which police and citizens work together to control and prevent crime. If followed properly then this police with more powers offering partnership to help citizens, eventually citizens will understand the challenges and complecity that confront law enforcement. Law enforcement will, in turn, receive clear direction from the community about its expectations. Thus, a common set of goals and objectives will be arrived at and implemented. But all this is like an ocean in sand as ling as any materialistic step is taken is on this pressing issue.

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