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LIC of India modified LIC’s New Jeevan Shanti (Plan No.858)

Jan 6th, 2023 9:08 pm | By | Category: LATEST NEWS

Life Insurance Corporation of India has revised annuity rates upwards in respect of its annuity plan LIC’s New Jeevan Shanti (Plan No. 858) with effect from 05.01.2023. The modified version of this plan with enhanced annuity rates shall be available for sale from 05.01.2023. The incentive for Higher Purchase Price is also enhanced. It ranges from Rs.3/- to Rs.9.75 per Rs.1000/- purchase price of based on the Purchase Price and deferment period opted.This is a single premium plan wherein policyholder has the option to choose between Single life and Joint life Deferred annuity. The plan is tailormade for working & self employed professionals who wish to plan for future regular income after a deferment period. The plan is also suitable for people having surplus money with them for investment. Being a deferred annuity plan young professionals can plan for their retirement from an early stage.The annuity rates are guaranteed at the inception of the policy and annuities are payable post deferment period throughout the life time of Annuitant(s).The annuity amount under this New Jeevan Shanti Plan can be calculated through calculator provided in LIC’s website as well as through various LIC Apps.The plan is available both offline as well as online.

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