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Vision Kamalnath, transform and turnaround “Madhya Pradesh” as Industrial hub to bring prosperity in lives of the people of state.

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To achieve self-reliance in economic growth and development,a state needs, industrialisation necessarily, Industrialisation plays an important role in the promotion of trade and commerce which brings prosperity in lives of the people of the state. Madhya Pradesh is rich in natural resources but due to lack of will in the past governments the capital, technology and the available resources have not been utilised at the fullest, however heavy expenditures been made inorder to attrach the Investors during business meet the past regimes of Madhya Pradesh, but MP still lag behind in Industrial growth. However the Industry is viewed as leading sector to economic development. Inadequate infrastructure and power shortages during the last one-decade in the country led to a sharp decline in capital investment in the state. It hindered the pace of industrialization and caused sickness in the industries.

It seems Madhya Pradesh has a God’s given opportunity to transform it’s Industrial face, as today the state is governed by the Congress party in the Chief Minister-ship of vibrant and oracle personality Kamalnath who believes in speaking less and acting more. Believeing in the concept that Poverty and unemployment can be eradicated quickly through rapid industrialisation, Kamalnath with the team of efficient officials has great plans to transform the Madhya Pradesh into business hub of country.
Modi Kamal Nath
If the friendly Industrial atmosphere is created then naturally it can be seen that the economies of scale by applying advanced technology and division of labour and scientific management. This will create sound business atmosphere which will result in the production and employment increase rapidly. This will bring economic growth and capital formation which can play a vital role in the prosperity of the Madhya Pradesh state.

In whole of the world the Industrial development today is considered as prerequisite for modern economic development. Industrial development encourages the development of science and technology which is a milestone for the prosperity of any developing state like Madhya Pradesh in which Kamalnath sees abundant opportunities to make it prosper. Madhya Pradesh strategic location, friendly geographic and socio-cultural conditions has all potential to make Madhya Pradesh a leading Industrial destination.

As industrialisation succeeds in a particular region brings growth of transport and communication. Schools, colleges, technical institutions, banking and health facilities are established near industrial base. That is why all countries of the world, whether big or small, rich or poor, and developed or developing are channelising their resources to promote rapid indus­trialisation.

Kamal Nath
After taking over as the 18th chief minister of Madhya Pradesh on December 17, 2018, Nath had assured that the Congress government will put in place a new industrial policy to promote investment and those who seek government incentive will have to abide by the new rules. “Those who want to come here and take advantage of the investment policies will have to give employment to 70% locals of Madhya Pradesh. Nath, last year in 2018 visited Davos for the World Economic Forum, had lengthy discussions with several industry groups in background of his desperate dream to uplift Madhya Pradesh as most preferred business destination for the corporates and multinational companies.

Working out the plan to see the best possible way to provide economic power tariffs to the corporates Kamalnath government is not leaving any stone unturned to formulate the strategy that can provide all possible assistance to investors to promote industries in the state and also has started occasionally to hold one-to-one discussions to see it happening.

Kamalnath government is honestly focused on Industrialization of the state, which is possible with excellent infrastructure and industry-friendly environment. Yet the contribution of Madhya Pradesh to India’s Gross Domestic Production (G.D.P.) has not been commensurate with its rich and abundant natural resources. The Industry Promotion Policy has accordingly been laid down along the lines of its industrially advanced neighbouring states. The new State Government desires that in future the rate of economic development of the state should commensurate with other developed state. According to Kamalnath’s vision, make the Madhya Pradesh a prosperous state, it is essential that rate of economic development should be increased. The achievement of the desired growth rate would only be possible when the development of industries & service sector take place.

The Industrial Promotion Policy aims to address these issues by providing for developing quality infrastructure, reviving sick industries and providing maximum support, facilities and industry friendly governance for industries. Entrepreneurs, Industrialists, Industry Associations, Financial Institutions and top officials of banks were consulted while preparing the draft of Industrial Promotion Policy and their suggestions and ideas have been incorporated in a meaningful manner. Employment generation is one of the major objectives of the new Industrial Promotion Policy.

With great dedication the Chief Minister Kamalnath has met several national and internation dignitaries Prime Minister Nadrendra Modi.

Chief Minister Kamalnath has met Chairman of 15th Finance Commission N.K. Singh and other members He said that it is necessary in the state’s interest that maximum resources are available to the state.

The US Ambassador to India Kenneth I. Juster and a delegation also recently paid a courtesy call to Chief Minister Kamalnath. During the meeting, they discussed issues pertaining to world peace, terrorism and business scenario.

in the same series the Ambassador of France to India, H.E. Mr Alexandre Ziegler recently met Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Kamalnath and had focused on a number of projects being carried out in the state by French companies such as Lafarge and Bureau Veritas, academic and scientific cooperation, and cultural exchanges between Madhya Pradesh and France.

Also delegation led by the Business Head, India State Run Enterprises of Wipro management has met Minister for Public Relations,Deliberations on better use of technology in Madhya Pradesh’s prosperity and to provide maximum employment opportunities to youth took place in the meeting.

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