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Modi Government to recruit more Officers through lateral entry

Jun 14th, 2019 2:30 pm | By | Category: LATEST NEWS

If sources are to be believed then Narendra Modi’s NDA government plans to expand the number of lateral entries of over fifty Officers in its second phase. Narendra Modi NDA government focuses on officials with specialised background. On this occasion, the step to recruit at a lateral level may include all positions Officers with different ranks such as deputy secretaries in central ministries. The push to bring in more domain experts into government is a good thing and has received wide public support. However, there is a need to learn from the recent experience to recruit lateral entrants at the joint secretary level to ensure the idea lives up to its potential.

Narendra Modi has known for adoption fresh methods of governance which eventually yeilds effective results for government.

The government plans to offer permanent jobs to these offers. However, these posts are entirely at the level of Union government. In key areas such as public health and education where domain specialists are needed, most of the action happens at the level of states. If Centre and states follow entirely different approaches, there are bound to be coordination problems. This will undermine the transformational impact of the move to bring in lateral entrants.

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