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MOIL achieves best ever February production

Mar 4th, 2024 6:42 am | By | Category: LATEST NEWS

Continuing with its stellar performance, MOIL achieved best ever February production of 1.51 lakh tonnes Manganese (Mn) ore, higher 15% y-o-y.

Production of 15.84 lakh tonnes upto February, 2024, has registered a remarkable growth of 37% y-o-y, surpassing best ever production of any financial year since inception.

On the sales front too, the company has achieved sales of 1.56 lakh tonnes, 18 percent higher than Feb, 2023. During the year (upto Feb,24) sales of 13.91 lakh tonnes has been achieved, scaling an impressive growth of 32% y-o-y.

The company has been giving utmost thrust to exploration month after month. In the current FY upto February, 2024, MOIL has carried out core drilling of 78,922 meters which is more than double y-o-y.

Ajit Kumar Saxena, CMD, congratulated team MOIL for their concerted efforts, resulting in this record performance. He reposed full faith that this growth momentum will be continued during the next financial year.

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