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Need for Vic m Oriented Policing in India: An Overview by Dr. Parvez Hayat

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Victimology is the study of victimisation, includes the relationships between victims and offenders, the interactions between victims and the criminal justice system that is in fact is the police and courts besides correctional services which includes Jails in India and the relationship between victims and other social groups and institutions, such as the media, and civic society and public representatives. Victimology, in brief, means the study of crime victims and issues related to victimization. Victimology is, however, not restricted to the study of victims of crime alone but may include other forms of human rights violations as well. It studies about the harms caused directly a proximately to victim in commission. Victims of crime and the relative scope for compensation to the victim as a means of redressal. In criminal jurisprudence, mere punishing of offender is not suf cient to redress the grievance of victim, there is need to compensate the loss or harms suffered by the victim by means of restitution, compensation or reparation of the damages caused to the victim by the perpetrator of crime. Unfortunately, in India there is perceptible gaps between reporting and recording of crime between and so there has been need for crime victimisation survey which has been so far attempted in piecemeal by a few institutions like TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences), Mumbai, National Council of Applied Economic Research, Institute of Rural Management, Anand, IIM Kolkota and presently BPR&D and NITI Ayog are doing it professionally.

Dr. Parvez Hayat is the author of this book he is retired Indian Police Service Officer of Jharkhand Cadre of the 1984 batch,
Served in high profile positions as CVO PGIL, ADG BP&RD etc.


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