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Our Nation Needs “Morally Rich” Young Role Models

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Abhijoy Dutta

The biggest success stories always hinge on innovation and creating breakthroughs no one else achieved.The people behind these departures from the norm are revolutionaries they are courageous enough to step away from the tried-and-true methods to carve their own way forward. They aren’t afraid to ask why or why not. They are curious about needs, desires and motivations for the people around them “social or society”. They constantly challenge themselves to see things from a different perspective, they care for the society, their ensure their existence merely not remain for themselves but too serve the society at large.

Abhijoy Dutta is also one of them who see the world differently, Abhijoy Dutta is a Computer Science Engineer working in the IT industry. Right from his childhood Abhijoy Dutta has been emotionally attached and much concerned about the poor and needies of our society, As a child Abhijoy use to spend even his pocket money for noble causes like feeding, clothing etc, for the poor and needuls. Today being a successful IT Professional having quite hectic schedule he even takes out time to to attend needies while on the way to his work, he teach music & piano to the under- privileged & blind , & then show- cases their talent in an Annual Function. This is ,besides numerous other social service initiatives.

Abhijoy Dutta at a music concert

He was nurturing the desire of doing his best for “Giving back to society”, hence worked on a startup to link the ‘donors’ to the ‘target groups’. He found lack of awareness in this area where people want to do social work for needy people but don’t really know how to go about it, and also whether their contributions would be well utilized. Hence he Developed an app on iOS/Android platform which acted as an aggregator listing out the needy target groups geographically.

Abhijoy also serves as a Music Director at Samarthanam Blind School working for the Project ‘Eye-Believe’, a non-profit organization who empower visually impaired and underprivileged people through developmental initiatives focusing on educational, economic, cultural and technological aspects leading towards holistic development.

Today, our nation needs such young role models like Abhijoy Dutta who not only manages his self progress but take others along on the path prosperity and lovelyhood, success is not at the of the way, rather it along the way.

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