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Pawan Hans Makes Delhi Proud

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Pawan Hans Makes Delhi Proud: Trial Landing made Successfully on Nations First Heliport at Delhi,
Pawan Hans Limited on behalf of the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) is developing India’s first regular Heliport at Rohinin at a project cost of Rs. 98 crores.Once operationalized in May 2016, this Heliport would provide all helicopter operational facilities as detailed below and will decongest busy Indira Gandhi International
Airport, and promote Regional Air connectivity through helicopters in the Northern part of the country for:
1. Regular passenger services,
2. Heli Services,
3. Landing & parking of helicopters,
4. Helicopters Maintenance Services (MRO),
5. Disaster Management,
6. Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HeMS),
7. Law & Order Surveillance
8. Skill Development (Pilots & AMEs)

This project will be completed by April 2016 and operationalized in May 2016 well
before its target. This heliport consists a Terminal building having capacity of 150
passengers, 4 hangers with parking capacities of 16 helicopters and 9 number of
parking bays. Pawan Hans will setup MRO facility and Skill development Centre.
To promote regional air connectivity, Pawan Hans has also prepared a roadmap to
connect all the major destination from this Heliport such as Ex-Delhi to Shimla,
Haridwar, Dehradun Mathura, Agra, Meerut and Industrial Hubs such as Manesar,
Bahadurgarh etc.
The Trial test landing by helicopter Eccuriall B3 was successfully conducted on
16/02/2016 at this Heliport to assess landing SOPs and Safety standards. More Trail
landings by varied type of helicopters are planned during March 2016.
Dr. B. P. Sharma, Chairman & Managing Director, Pawan Hans was present along
with senior officials during the trail landing of helicopter at Heliport.

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