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People of MP are displeased of BJP’S Bhopal LS candidate Pragya’s derogatory remarks on Mytr Karkare

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Shobha Ojha
Congress States spokesperson Ms. Shobha Ojha came down heavily on the recent defamatory remarks on Mytr IPS Officer late Hemant Karkare, made by BJP’s Bhopal Lok Sabha constituency candidate Sandhvi Pragya Thakur

Talking to media person Congress States spokesperson Ms. Shobha Ojha said BJP candidate Sandhvi Pragya from the day one of her presence in Bhopal constituency making such controversial and derogatory remarks amid the polls which is the sheer violation of code of conduct. Congress States spokesperson Ms. Shobha Ojha said the people of Madhya Pradesh and specially people of Bhopal are in great displeased due to such derogatory remarks on a national hero Mytr late Hemant Karkare are being made in presence of state BJP’S entire clan more astonishingly BJP’S senior leaders clapped on such disgraceful remarks made by Sandhvi Pragya Thakur for which the people of the country and Madhya Pradesh are going to teach a lesson to BJP in these elections.

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