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Phenomenal approach in fuctioning: Chhattisgarh DPR

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Dr. Raman Singh (CM,Chhattisgarh) and Rajesh Sukumar Toppo, IAS and JS DPR,GC

Dr. Raman Singh (CM,Chhattisgarh) and Rajesh Sukumar Toppo, IAS and JS DPR,GC

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Chhattisgarh Government’s Department of Public Relations (DPR) marches ahead with committment in serving, It’s functioning makes it as the most active and 24×7 operational department in the country. CG DPR has the sole thrust in working efficiency of it. CG DPR has aggresive approach to perform the duties with highest satisfaction and result oreintation that too within the frame of time.

Department of Public Relations is the front face of any Govt. and a bridge well between the governence and the governed. A huge responsibilty of Govt’s agenda propogation lies on the shoulders of DPR which has to create awareness of Government schemes and achievements among the people of the state, educating them about the Government schemes which are beneficial for the people. DPR ensures that the benefits of the schemes reach the needy. No mission can be accomplished without commitment, devotion and conviction. It helps in communication and accurate presentation for any Government and its target and goals.
Chhattisgarh’s Department of Public Relations has set extraordinary narratives and set a benchmark for other states to follow such incredible way of functioning.

Chhattisgarh state is going for assembly elections later this year so naturally more expectations from DPR lies on its functioning. However, CG DPR has been ahead allthrough but in today’s scenerio every next level brings new challenges that require a balanced handling. CG DPR’s implementation of the newest ideas with initiatives and adoption of the most result oriented methods are known to all. Ever since the charge of CG DPR has gone to the young and brilliant IAS Officer of 2005 batch CG cadre Rajesh Sukumar Toppo, who has co-incidentally risen along with pride of nation Mahender Singh Dhoni (former India cricket team captain) both hail from Ranchi (Jharkhand) CG DPR’s performance has been incredible, Under the visionary headship of RS Toppo in CG DPR things have accelerated further with a great momentum, now CG DPR operates not less then any wrold class organisation fully equipped with latest technology and out performers working team,focussed on propogation of CG Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh’s noble initiatives of public welfare and schemes with aggressive zeal.

R S Toppo, IAS

R S Toppo, IAS

RS Toppo’s working strategies are quite famous in the corridors of power as he firmly believe in team work to engulf success in a very short span of time. Several state governments in India have started following CG DPR’s way of working. Toppo’s focus lies on the dissemination of every govt’s communication meant for public welfare through broadcaste by the most hi-tech and suitable methods available.Branding and dissemination of Dr. Raman Singh Govt’s public welfare schemes to the remotest areas of Chhattishgarh.
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In the coming days Chhattishgarh is all set to expand the branding of it’s achivements and progress being made in the state. Chhattishgarh Govt branding w goes accross the globe. Today Chhattishgarh has a distinguished identity as one of the fastest-growing states in the country.
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