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Public Rhetoric in administrative services may cost anarchy 

Jan 14th, 2017 8:40 am | By | Category: SPECIAL NEWS COVERAGE

May it be a new trend to sensitizing administrative issues on social media for self branding in the corridors of power.But responsible and recognize communicators prominence coverage on such issues seems adding fuel to flare. As presently in Madhya Pradesh much ado about Katni SP Gaurav Tiwari’s transfer gives a new coil into the state governance and administrative setup. Transfer of any officer is sole prerogative of government which sometime makes an officer blissful and sometime not.But political and public rhetoric and intercession on such issues may turn it into a movement creating anarchi and breaking discipline in services.This can be a nastiest paradigm for any nation. Overall structure of constitutional bodies police in particular is based on firm discipline and adherence. The senerio created in Madhya Pradesh after government here issued a list of about a dozen IPS officers transfer and fresh postings. this list includes Katni district superintendent of police (SP) Gaurav Tiwari name. Gaurav Tiwari who is an IPS Officer of 2010 batch MP cadre was transferred from Katni to Chhindwara. It to be mention here that Tiwari was investigating some influential political leaders for their alleged links to Rs 500-crore hawala racket. The case is now being forwarded to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). According to MP Govt. sources it’s routine transfer that take place occasionally, Tiwari was shifted to Chhindwara and was replaced by Dewas SP Shashikant Shukla.  But interestingly it is made talk of the town due to prominence coverage given to this issue .Opposition parties like too seems in mood to launch a movement in support of SP. It is also reported that people have taken to the streets in Madhya Pradesh’s Katni district to protest against this routine transfer of Superintendent of Police Gaurav Tiwari. Dedication and commitmemt of a serviceman lies in obedience and adherence of reporting authority and where ever the posting is given by it.

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