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Rapid growth for everyone, Chhattisgarh marching ahead with this mantra

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The main stream of development can reach far and wide from easy, safe and secure roads. There is also access. In Chhattisgarh, the path of promotion is open to everyone rapidly. In line with the spirit of development, with the help of the Center, the state government is constantly working to develop a better network of roads.
As much as the importance of arteries and veins for blood circulation in keeping the body healthy, the greater contribution is to good roads in maintaining better health of the country. Pucca and perennial routes connect not only villages, cities and states, but also not only through these routes, through trade through freight transport, trade and business are encouraged, but these pathways keep people’s hearts together. Are there. Medical services, consumer goods, Reach easily to the general public. Farmers can easily reach their produce markets.
There is no doubt that in the first three years of the central government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the campaign for the development and expansion of the road network across the country has resulted in the large number of people in the majority of the states, The traffic is getting excellent facilities. The distance between the state capitals and district and development headquarters of the states is not reduced, but due to the good roads, there is considerable saving of time in the coming and going. It is also proving to be very beneficial for working people. Chhattisgarh is also not untouched by it.
Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh has stressed the concept of the transition revolution for the socio-economic development of the state, not only the mobile phone and rail connectivity, But also includes a network of street contact. Under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna, about 26 thousand 779 kilometers of roads have been constructed to facilitate smooth transportation of villages to the villages under the Pradhanmantri Gram Sadak Yojana. Through these roads, 8 thousand 611 habitations have been connected with block headquarters and district headquarters through main roads. This is the third inning of the Raman government in the state. You are reading Swaraj Kumar’s special article. In the past thirteen years, the Public Works Department has also hastened its activities for the expansion of the road network. Bridge construction in river basins is also very important for maintaining road traffic. In the first year of Chhattisgarh State Construction from 1978 to 2000, in the last 22 years, the Public Works Department had constructed only 89 bridges here.
After coming into existence as a separate state, Chhattisgarh made it to the Public Works Department in the three years from 2000 to 2003, only 66 Nos. Bridges were constructed, whereas from 2004 to 2017, the department established a new record of making 965 Nos. Bridge in 14 years. Out of these, 209 bridges have been constructed in Naxal-affected Sarguja area and 134 bridges have been made in Bastar area. These 965 bridges include twelve railway over bridge, three railway under bridge and two fly over. 61 bridges were constructed in the year 2016-17, while in today’s situation 182 bridges are in progress. For the Raman government, constructing a 500 meter long bridge in Shabri river on the Doranpal-Kalimela road in Naxal violence-hit Sukma district was a big challenge.
The state government accepted this challenge. In collaboration with police and central security forces, the engineers and workers of the Public Works Department jointly completed this work. It took eleven years to build it, But the construction was completed and in this year 2017 state wide Lok Suraj campaign, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh inaugurated it by visiting the people on the request of the people. Dr. Raman Singh had decided to keep the Lok Sarraj campaign of this time separate from any kind of openings and piles, but in the difficult conditions of this district of the state’s end, with the enthusiasm that the bridge was built and the affinity From this, people invited the Chief Minister to inaugurate it, seeing him, Dr. Singh dedicated the bridge to the public after reaching the spot. In the words of the Chief Minister- this time only a public function was done in Lok Raj Suraj, Which is the most enjoyable experience of my life. On the first day of the state-wide tour under the campaign, on April 3, when I reached this newly constructed bridge connecting the Chhattisgarh and Odisha states on the Shabri river, I became passionate about the excitement and excitement of thousands of tribals from both the states. In Sukma district, work has been started to build a bridge on Moti Ghat in Shabri river on the route going to Odisha from Nagar Panchayat Konta.
However, in the naxal-affected areas of the state, roads and bridges are being constructed in difficult and difficult situations. A bridge built on river Peri in Nahargaon-Nagabuda-Baruola road, on the way of Kumhardi-Jharkhapar in Devbhog area on the outskirts of Odisha, in Gariyabanda district, bridge constructed on river Sondhur in Saribhadar-Jorjuda road, The high level bridge built on the Shivnath river on Pulangitoli-Deewari road of Son river and Khuji Nalla on the Kolbirra-Silpahari road in Rajnandgaon district and the evidence of the state government’s priority is given. In this episode, the Railway Over Bridge built in Chakrabhatta and Tattin in Raipur, Bilaspur has made traffic even easier. The capital of Raipur, Ammanaka’s railway over bridge is widening. Rail Over Bridge is also being constructed in the Morga Railway crossing on the Durg-Duli Rajahhar rail line. The construction of the bridge on the Bhurke river in the Naxal-affected Madanwada area of ​​Rajnandgaon district is also being carried out at the battlefield. A bridge is being constructed on the Naga-Nagpura road in Arpa river.
The task of upgradation of National Highways in Chhattisgarh is also going on very fast. National Highways in the State till March 2004 The number was eleven, whose length was 2226 kilometers. Currently, their number is 20 and the length has reached 3218 Kms. For the upgradation of 2440 km national highways in the state from April 2004 to 2017, 94 works of more than 14 thousand 157 crores were taken up in hand. These include 1886 kms under the National Highway Development Authority, Work of 863 km roads in the left wing extremism affected areas was approved between April 2004 and March 2014. So far, the construction of 1338 km of these roads has been completed. Construction of three noisy bridges on Chintibangu river and Tarudandi and on a rainy nullah is also under progress, from Bhopalpatanam to the path of Taralaguda in the Bijapur district of Bijar division. A work plan has been planned to complete these by 2018. Pucca and wide roads are being expanded from Bhopalpatnam to Taralaguda and from Sukma to Kanta. Work is also going on for 81 kilometer road upgradation from Saraypali (District-Mahasamund) to District Headquarters Raigarh. For this, administrative sanction of 496 crores has also been given. It is aimed to be completed by March 2018. 485 crore has been sanctioned for upgradation of Shivnagar 80 km road from Kataghora on New National Highway No. 130. From now till 30 kilometers of concrete road and 32 km DLC road has already been completed. This road will also connect Ambigapur, headquarter of Sarguja division ahead of Shivnagar. 335 crores have been sanctioned for upgradation of this part of 52 Kms. 625 crores has been sanctioned for 96 kilometer road upgradation from Pathholgaon in Jashpur district to Ambikapur in Sarguja district. On the other hand, a sum of Rs 453 crore has been sanctioned for widening of 60 km road from Pathhalgaon to Kunukuri. Bypass roads are also being constructed to free many major cities and towns of the state from the pressure of traffic of heavy vehicles. Examples are Arang, Durg, Rajnandgaon, Sarai Pali etc.
The Chief Minister directed the Public Works Department to complete construction of 28 roads of 1526 Kms by March 2018, 12 thousand 266 crores of rupees are being spent. Of these, 633 km of work has been completed so far. Six roads out of total 28 roads are of National Highways Development Authority, Whose length is 357 kilometers and costs Rs 5445 crore. Out of these, 172 km of work has been completed. The target is to complete the construction of four roads of Left-wing extremism-affected areas by March 2018. Their length is 187 kilometers and the cost is 708 crores. Construction of roads in Raipur-Bilaspur, about 110 km of the Forlane road is also underway for speedy traffic between the capital and the jurisdiction. It has been approved in three different packages.

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