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RECPDCL issues clarification regarding the smart metering project being implemented in the UT of J&K

Jul 30th, 2020 2:11 pm | By | Category: LATEST NEWS

Some persons have given statement regarding the Smart metering project being implemented in the UT of J&K by RECPDCL. They have not taken pain to ascertain the facts.

The facts are these: The above project for installation of 1.155 lakh smart meters was awarded to M/s Techno Electric & Engineering Co. Ltd (An Indian Company) in September-2019. Smart metering Project has mainly four components i.e. Meter, RF communication, MDM and System Integrator. The successful bidder (M/s Techno Electric) including all its sub-contractors for different components, viz. meter, RF communication, MDM and System Integration, are Companies registered in India.

Ministry of Power, GoI issued an Order vide no. 25-11/6/2018-PG dated: 02.07.2020 regarding vulnerabilities in the power supply system & network which may arise due to possible cyber-attacks through malware/ trojans etc. embedded in the imported equipment. The Order mandates prior permission of Govt. of India for any import of equipment/ components/ parts from “prior reference” countries along with testing of the same in certified and designated laboratories. After this order was issued, all new/ongoing contracts are being reviewed and as part of that review one of the sub-contractors of the above project, which though a company registered in India and having manufacturing facilities in India, was found to be a subsidiary of a Chinese company. The said sub-contractor was directed to be removed from the project since the continuation of the subcontractor would have led to the requirements of taking prior permission and testing of every equipment supplied thus leading to unacceptable delays in execution.

The principal contractor has informed RECPDCL that they have removed that sub-contractor. We have in turn informed REC and the Govt. accordingly.

It may also be noted that the award of this contract was finalized about a year ago and therefore linking it to a subsequent development is wrong and smacks of bias. The company is committed to follow the law of the land in letter and spirit.

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