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REL completes Electronic Interlocking at all 3 assigned stations of Delhi Division

Jul 12th, 2021 4:23 pm | By | Category: LATEST NEWS

RailTel Enterprises Ltd. (REL), a wholly owned subsidiary of RailTel,has successfully commissioned Electronic Interlocking signalling system at Kalayat and Kaithal station of Delhi Division, Northern Railway. With this the old mechanical signalling system at these two stations has been replaced by state-of-the-art modern signalling. Electronic Interlocking had earlier been commissioned at Pehowa Road Station. Earlier these stations were having mechanical signalling systems and were using lever frames for Signal interlocking. The new Electronic Interlocking signalling system will now enable lowering the signal and changing of tracks by click of a mouse. The changing of the mechanical interlocking system with modern electronics interlocking system will enhance the safety and operational efficiency. Earlier mechanical interlocking system was having standard 1 interlocking which have maximum 50 kmph speed. Now, with modern electronic interlocking system will have with a maximum speed of 100 kmph. Thus, modern electronic system is not only enhancing the safety and efficiency of train traffic but also increasing the speed. The clearance of block section i.e. assurance of complete arrival of train is being provided with the latest system of Digital axle counters. Operation of 05 nos of level crossing gates has also been changed from mechanical to electrical type which further increases efficiency of level crossing closing and opening. The train handling capacity of the yard has been increased by allowing simultaneous reception & dispatch of the trains. The length of berthing lines i.e CSR has been increased hence full Goods train can be berthed which increases holding capacity of berthing tracks.

To improve the Railway signalling system, Northern Railway have entrusted RailTel Enterprises Ltd.(REL) to upgrade the manual signalling system of 26 stations of Northern Railway. Talking about the project, Puneet Chawla, Chairman/REL, said, “These 3 stations have been provided with signalling gears like signals, track circuit, point machine, batteries, earthing surge protection devices etc as per latest technology to standard 2R interlocking system making train operation safer, faster and more efficient. RailTel is fully geared to complete the project for modernizing signalling system at remaining 23 stations.”

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