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Technology is generally positioned as the facilitator and without much of an effort the owner will keep doing it supposedly perfectly with the help of some person or business entity, who provides those services. The connect between the tech and the facility provided was pretty simple and it could be seen through naked years. It was an one to one operation.* The same relationship and reality continued even with the onset of the computer age wherein we vividly remember that the data entry operator and later the lowest level staff member of the dept.

The domain and the technology were two different entities and functioned so without much of an issue. The technology component kept on increasing and today it has reached a level where it impacts individual, departments and the overall enterprise performance. The watertight compartments are not working out. *The man with the domain and ownership has to pay and he is made accountable and rightly so, for the products / services not effectively delivered.* Whether it is marketed properly, the efficiency of the supply chain, the customer connect and the final impact thereof?Domain expertise can be made exponential in this manner.

The age of outsourcing has created weird situations, the outsourced entities run the back end operations and also the cyber security in tonnes of banks without anybody in the bank being aware of it. It has run thus far it cannot go further. *The Banker feels that it is not his job to understand technology and technologist is convinced of the fact that he has picked up great skills and there is no need to pick up any, any further.*

Did the banker not take care of all the assets, business development etc in his earlier conventional role, how can he give up now in his new digital avatar. The reality is that people can assist you in dong your job, it is not possible to be served on a sliver platter without you not even knowing it. The same is true for any job today. *Cases after cases are dealt wrongly because of lack of technical knowledge of the lawyers. Technology is not even used in their own functioning having a serious toll on their efficiency and productivity.* Alas, the IT companies have an IT dept and the others barely contribute to anything great.

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