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Tehri Acro Festival 2023 Wraps Up with International Flair

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“Skies Alight and Victors Crowned: Tehri Acro Festival 2023 Wraps Up with International Flair and Thrilling Aerial Feats”

First Ever Tehri Acro Festival Concludes with a Spectacular Finale

Tehri/ Uttarakhand – November 28, 2023
The inaugural Tehri Acro Festival, organized by Uttarakhand Tourism at Tehri Lake, culminated in a grand celebration on November 28, 2023. The Tehri Lake Front buzzed with energy as the event bid farewell to participants with a lively performance of Pahadi Folk tunes by the ITBP Band.

This historic Paragliding Acrobatic event marked a significant milestone in India, attracting 178 paragliders from 27 countries, including 40 male and 14 female international paragliders, along with 124 Indian paragliders. The five-day festival showcased three competitive events, offering a total prize pool of approximately Rs. 10 lakhs.

In addition to the competitive spirit, the skies over Tehri Lake were illuminated with various paragliding events, including Solo Flights, Solo Acrobatic Flights, Solo Synchro Flights, Wingsuit Jumps, and D-Bag Shows, captivating the audience during the extended weekend.
Competition Results:
Tehri Acro Cup
Winner: Vijay Thakur D
1st Runner-up: Manoj Kumar N
2nd Runner-up: Gaurav D
Tehri SIV Cup (Men’s Category)
Winner: Gautam
1st Runner-up: Bharath Konjenti N
2nd Runner-up: Nikhil Thakur S
Tehri SIV Cup (Women’s Category)

Winner: Prea Jain
Colonel Ashvini Pundir, Additional CEO (Adventure), presented the prizes and expressed gratitude for the overwhelming response from participants. He emphasized that with the success of this event, Uttarakhand has solidified its position as a leading state in Adventure Tourism in the country. Col. Pundir hopes to enhance the adventure sports infrastructure nationally and place Uttarakhand on the international adventure tourism map through more such international events.

He highlighted Uttarakhand Tourism’s continuous efforts to develop Tehri as an Adventure Sports hub, incorporating activities such as paragliding, kayaking, and more. Col. Pundir extended his thanks to all contributing departments, including the District Administration of Tehri Garhwal, ITBP, SDRF, UTDB, UCADA, IHM-Tehri, and Paragliding Mantra, for their active roles in ensuring the success of the event. The Tehri Acro Festival 2023 stands as a testament to the state’s commitment to promoting adventure sports and fostering international collaborations in the realm of paragliding acrobatics.

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