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To be in game Congress requires an aggressive chief rather than a defensive chief

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Rahul Gandhi Congress (President)

Rahul Gandhi
Congress (President)

“I believe, Politics is a Medium to achieve Public Good with an ideology of Inclusion, of Equity and Equal Opportunity to all.

I believe, Development can only come through use of Technology, with innovation to suit the Local Conditions and Implemented by the Stake Holders through Community Participation.

Ultimately People are Solutions.

I Believe in the Ideology of love compassion and non violence of Mahatma Gandhi and the Ideology of Secularism and Socialism of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru.

Digvijaya Singh.
The comments has been taken from Digvijaya Singh website

Exclusive and honest opinion

Amidst the speculations of uncertain future which led the wrost situation for Congress Party after the oldest party of the country keep losing it’s mandate pan further the voluntary resignation tendered by it’s national president Rahul Gandhi after the huge defeat in 2019 general elections has brought more troubles to the further of Congress party, now the biggest question that takes rounds in the political corridors that who after Rahul Gandhi.

Looking back into the past except Nehru, Gandhi Pariwar, no one who could led the organisation so successfully, the Congress party which has so wide presence across the country today facing extreme uncertainties to it’s political existence. Today for the Congress the biggest challenge is the ruling BJP headed by duo Prime Minister Narendra Modi and undefeated Amit Shah, with a great establishment the BJP’s call for Congress Mukt Bharat is comfortably grappling the ground, which caused heavy dent to Congress as far as it’s mandate is concerned in the second consecutive general election, The BJP still seems restless to continue further damage to this historic political party of India by strengthening BJP’s presence in every nook and corner of the country,

No organisation can survive without strong strong leadership, naturally the able leadership can run run the party smoothly.

The way a larger part of media indulged in the sole propogation of ruling BJP government and its organisation structure, it causes an alarming situation for Congress existence. It’s high time for Congress to take an Ideal decision to deligate the authority of it’s Presidential post “the Congress Presidentship”.

The party mullsover for the best suitable candidate to replace Rahul Gandhi for the post of Congress President,There has been many names under the consideration zone, taking the decision for the selection of Congress President will have two effect
1. Congress Revival, Survival,
2. Any wrong decision may fatally ruin this historic organisation further which is already struggling for it’s survival.

In the present scenario Congress need not to have a Remotic Chief but a Sovereign Chief who can run the party freely for it’s enternal strengthening and at the same time he can capably counter the immediate threat for the party i.e. Modi Shah Duo in every field. Does the Congress has any such face who has this ability to counter this national pride duo of BJP, if looking around helps, then there is only one name that comes in the mind and that is vanvasi Digvijaya Singh “Diggi Raja” who is the best oreator in country, Digvijaya Singh is a politicien filled with confidence, perseverance boldness, To counter BJP he is the most suitable candidate, due his in-depth knowledge on the subject no political leaders wish to debate when it comes to Digvijaya Singh on any issues whether political or social, he undoubtedly influencial and an impressive oreators. The political atmosphere of the country has changed over the period of time, now no more monotous political leadership works here. People of the country want to see innovative leadership. BJP has been quite successfully operating on this and has gained fair results.

Digvijaya Singh
Digvijaya Singh’s approach and attitude shows his confidence which is badly required in the present scheme of things. His ability to counter his opponents makes him different from any other political leader. The unabated rise of BJP is leaving it’s opponents behind every new day. To counter it, leader like Digvijaya Singh is quite suitable in today’s scenario.

During his entire political career, the comments and allegations made by Digvijaya Singh against his rivals, could not be found incorrect whatsoever, to give the country a strong opposition Party in order to keep the democracy alive the Congress party needs to unanimously mull over each and every aspect before appointing new Party President for which the entire world awaits.

To be in game Congress requires an aggressive chief rather than a defensive Chief.

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