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TRIFED Plans to Scale up Marketing Functions

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TRIFED, a PSU under Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India has been working with the main objective of promoting tribal art and craft for the benefit of tribal artisans of the country, under the scheme “Institutional Support for Development & Marketing of tribal products/produce” of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India.

In line with the objective TRIFED has planned to scale up Marketing of Tribal Products through increase of its Retail Outlets ‘Tribes India’ throughout India and other retail marketing activities. The brief of the Retail Marketing Activities of TRIFED is given below:

1. Tribes India Retail Chain of Outlets:
TRIFED’s efforts for market development of tribal products envisage enhancing income of tribals by way of providing marketing support for the various hand-crafted products they produce. TRIFED opened its first showroom by the name of ‘Tribes India’ during April, 1999 at 9, Mahadev Road, New Delhi. Progressively, TRIFED established a chain of 42 Retail outlets out of which 29 are its own outlets and 13 outlets have been functioning in association with State level organizations on consignment basis. The sales have shown an increasing trend from 162.56 Lakhs in 2005-06 to Rs 1117.85 Lakhs during 2016-17.

2. Product categories Available for sale:
● Metal Craft
● Tribal Textiles
● Tribal Jewellery
● Tribal Paintings
● Cane & Bamboo
● Terracotta and Stone Pottery
● Gifts and Novelties &
● Organic and Natural Food products.

3. Exhibitions:
In order to promote tribal art and craft and also boost overall sales, TRIFED organises and participates in Domestic and International exhibitions. The details of the same are appended below:

3.1 Aadishilp:
TRIFED organizes National Tribal Craft Expo by the name of Aadishilp, in which individual tribal artisans, tribal SHGs, Agencies / Organizations working with tribals are invited to participate and showcase their rich tribal heritage. The main objective of holding these events is to provide an opportunity to tribal artisans to show their craft / art directly art lovers, getting feedback about customer taste and preferences, this helps them in modifying their product designs and creations according to market trends and needs. The event also at times includes tribal dance performances, which is an attempt to present tribal art and culture in holistic manner.

3.2 Aadichitra
TRIFED also organises exhibitions by the name of Aadichitra since 2010, in which tribal paintings only like Gond from Madhya Pradesh, Saora from Orissa, Warli from Maharashtra and Pithora paintings from Gujarat, are exclusively displayed and sold. The tribal artists are also invited to demonstrate their skills during such exhibitions. The Aadichitra has received appreciations from all quarters of Art Lovers.

3.3 Participations in Domestic Exhibitions

TRIFED in association with tribal artisans also participates in exhibitions / craft melas organized by other Agencies of the Central/State Governments throughout the country with an objective to provide opportunity to tribal artisans to showcase and market their handicraft products. TRIFED participates in around 100 such exhibitions annually.

TRIFED also participates in the OCTAVE – a dance festival of North Eastern Region, organized by Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. TRIFED is associated with this event since 2008-09. TRIFED facilitates participation of artisans from North Eastern region and provides them the opportunity to showcase and market their products.

3.5 International Exhibitions
TRIFED participates in international exhibitions/trade fairs through Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) and India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) in various countries for display and sale of tribal products sourced from tribal artisans. TRIFED participates in 2-3 International Exhibitions annually.

4. Sourcing of tribal products:

4.1 TRIFED has developed a system of sourcing products made by empanelled tribal suppliers. The suppliers comprise of individual tribal artisans, tribal SHGs, Organisations/ Agencies/NGOs working with tribals, who are empanelled as suppliers of TRIFED as per the guidelines for empanelment of suppliers, a copy of which is available on TRIFED website.

4.2 Tribal Artisan Mela (TAM)

In order to increase the number of tribal suppliers and associate them with our Retail operation, TRIFED organizes Tribal Artisan Melas (TAMs) at district / tehsil level so as to reach tribals located in interior tribal areas and source tribal art and craft directly from the tribal artisans/group of artisan. Under this initiative, TRIFED in association with State Govt. /organizations invites tribal artisans to a venue an exhibition area where they display their art and craft items. TRIFED deputes its Merchandising team to these Melas to identify the new artisans and new products which can be marketed through its outlets. This initiative not only augments sourcing of tribal art and craft in its original form but also spread awareness about TRIFED’s activities and ways and means for a tribal to avail of the benefits of TRIFED’s activities.
The calendar of Aadishilps, Aadichitra and Tribal Artisans Melas has been circulated to all Regional Offices, a copy of which has been given to MIS Division.

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