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WAPCOS Introduces Performance Excellence Awards

Apr 22nd, 2019 1:38 pm | By | Category: LATEST NEWS

In order to encourage, motivate and recognize employees to excel in the key performance areas of Business Development, Project Implementation, Financial Management, Human Resources Development, Brand Building etc. WAPCOS has introduced Annual Performance Evaluation Awards titled from the year 2018-19 onwards.

A Saarthi (Charioteer) in a company implies, an officer who plays very significant role in the Company. Charioteer is someone who rides the Chariot to provide rapid motivating power.Similarly WAPCOS has devised a mechanism to identify the employees who have put in the best efforts and turned the efforts into growth of the Company during the year. The purpose of the awards is to recognize the excellent service during the year which will motivate further and increase the healthy competition to reach the higher degree of performance successively every year.

The awardees were selected by an independent jury consisting of members from Government, PSU and Private sector. The list of awardees in alphabetical order is as follows:

A.N.N. Prasad, Chief Executive Director (PD&L).
Aman Sharma, Chief Executive Director (Environment, Construction Management & Administration).
Amit Gupta, Senior General Manager (River Development).
Amitabh Tripathi, Senior Executive Director (Dams & Reservoir Engineering).
Chandrasekhar K, Country Manager (Tanzania)
Dilip Sutradhar, Country Manager (Nepal)
DK Mohanty, Chief Engineer (Odisha)
DVSN Raju, Chief Executive Director (Power)
G Venkata Ramana, Chief Project Manager (Kerala)
J.K Rai, Senior Executive Director (Ground Water Resources Development & Management)
KPS Tyagi, Country Manager (Fiji)
Mohd. Farooq Khan, Senior Engineer
P. Sumana, General Manager (Hydro-Power)
P.P. Bhardwaj, Head (Personnel)
Pooja Kapoor, Senior General Manager (Business Development, Roads & Railways)
Pradeep Kumar, Senior Executive Director (Project Management)
Reena Gupta, ACM (Finance)
R.K. Agrawal, Chief Executive Director (Infrastructure Development)
S. S. Walia, Chief (Administration & Business Promotion)
S.K. Srivastava, Regional Project Director- Gandhinagar
S.S.Godara, Project Director (Bhutan)
Sanjay Singal, Senior Executive Director (Rural and Urban Development)
Shambhu Azad, Chief Executive Director (Water Resources Development)
Simmi Wadhwa, Dy. Chief Vigilance Officer
Vimal Chander, Chief (Public Relations)

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