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Will the ghost of SC/ST act protest haunt again like Shahbano & Mandol Ayog

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The sudden rise in the incidents of political protests on SC/ST act erupting controversy specially in central Indian states, amid 2019 LS general elections which are going to be the most judgemental,and also the forthcoming polls in three state assemblies.

Will it repeat the imapct on polls like bygone Shah Bano case controvery or Mandol Ayog’s replica, its turning out to be an alarming situation for the BJP led NDA government, the recent unabated protests adding the fuel to nationwide movements on this burning issue of NDA’s stand on SC/ST act, now the question arises that which strategy can calm the voters of both the sides, ‘act’ opposing side and favouring sides on the other hand.

The recall through the history wherein Late Rajiv Gandhi led Congress government on The landmark Supreme Court judgment in the Shah Bano case in 1985, Rajiv Gandhi government, had passionately defended the judgment in the Parliament.However, when Rajiv Gandhi changed his position on the subject and gave in to the Muslim Personal Law Board’s (MPLB) campaign against the judgment.The MPLB managed to get the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act was passed. Eventually the Congress regime paid a heavy price of it during next elections of 1989 by loosing the power.

The same political decision costed too high to the late VP Singh led Rashtriya Morcha Jantadal Government on Mandol Ayog recommendation’s political implementation which broke the nationwide unrest and protest against VP Singh Government. Eventually it caused as one of the root reasons for Janta Dal Rashtriya Morcha Sarkar getting out of power.

Recalling these two sagas in the present political scenario giving much space to BJP (NDA) Narendra Modi led govt which needs to address the narrative of SC/ST (act.) With common minimum formula.

It begun when The Supreme Court on March 20, 2018, decided that there are limitations regarding arrests in cases registered under the Schedules Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989. It also ruled that “there is no absolute bar against grant of anticipatory bail in cases under the Atrocities Act if no prima facie case is made out or where on judicial scrutiny the complaint is found to be prima facie mala fide.”

Amid concerns that the SC’s decision would dilute the law contrary to the intention of legislature that passed it and widespread violent protests, the Modi led NDA government filed a petition seeking a review of the decision. The court on April 3 refused to stay the ruling but said it would consider the Centre’s petition in detail.

In a bid to controll the raising issue and retain its voters NDA government decided to bring a constitution amendment bill in Parliament to restore the original provisions of the SC/ST Act, Amid the obvious fear of anti-incumbancy factor, It is to be seen as how Narendra Modi government is going to address this issue by making a fair balance amongst the voter from all the sections in order to return in power for second term. It will be interesting to see as how BJP restores its regime’s impact on the voter and come out from the situation in which erstwhile Congress government lost the power on Shahbano’s issue and Janta Dal too lost the regime in Mandol Ayog issue.

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