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With a passion to serve, Dr. Shailendra Srivastava (Ex.IPS) extends help FB online.

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The biggest success stories always hinge on innovation and creating breakthroughs no one else achieved. The people behind these departures from the norm are revolutionaries; they are courageous enough to step away from the tried-and-true methods to carve their own way forward. They aren’t afraid to ask why or why not. They are curious about needs, desires and motivations for the people around them “social or society”. They constantly challenge themselves to see things from a different perspective, including questioning the status quo, which opens them to new possibilities.

Similarly in the capital of Madhya Pradesh ‘Bhopal’ an ex-officer with a great passion to serve the society for a noble cause “Ask Shailendra Srivastava”, an innovative initiative by Former DG/Chairman MP Police Housing and Infrastructure Development Corporation, Dr. Shailendra Srivastava, IPS 1986 (Retd), has garnered massive likes, views and engagements within a month since its inception. He interacts on Facebook Live between 12 to 1 pm, every Sunday at

People with problems relating to Cybercrime, marital problems, domestic violence issues, conflict resolution, interpersonal official matters are reaching out to Ask Shailendra Srivastava for remedial measures.

He is putting his long administrative experience of 34 years to good use by counselling people in need/distress. Educating people on different forms of cyberbullying like Exclusion, Harassment, Outing Doxing, Trickery, Fraping, Masquerading, Dissing, Trolling, Flaming, its risks and effects and psychological impact are among his domain areas/area of specialization/expertise.

As Superintendent of Police,Rajnandgaon,he was awarded a 315 Bore Rifle for arrest of a hardcore naxalite.He also developed SOPs for prevention of naxalite activities. Other laurels to his credit include “Sagar Model” of protection of Atrocities on SC and ST as SP Sagar, pioneering of family counselling centres in Bilaspur as Superintendent of Police,as well as Bal Mitra Thanas,Mobile Thanas, e-policing, the Bilaspur Police web site for friendly interface with the public.

As DIG, CID (Vigilance Administration) Bhopal, he had established a separate Cyber Crime Cell for investigating Computer related crimes, for the first time in Madhya Pradesh and also standardized tools and techniques of cybercrime investigation.As IG Indore,he resolved the crisis of holding Pooja and Namaaz simultaneously in the disputed archaeological Heritage site Bhojshala at Dhar,on Friday 3.2.06 ,on the occasion of Basant Panchami.As Director Sports he conceived and implemented the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration winning innovative programme “Hum Chuyenge Aasmaaan”,for promotion of women in sports and making them world champions.As Transport Commissioner, with his penchant for innovations,he gave brilliant IT Solutions to plug revenue loopholes and simplified procedures to provide online services, thus reducing footfalls in RTOs.He is known for his humanistic approach towards sensitive issues , strict adherence to rules and the innate quality to take a stand when required.

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