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BSE Bond platform today has successfully managed bond issuance for NTPC & HUDCO

Sep 14th, 2016 2:31 pm | By | Category: LATEST NEWS

Mumbai, September 14, 2016: BSE, Asia’s oldest exchange and now world’s fastest stock exchange with the speed of 6 microseconds, on 1st July 2016 had launched the platform for Electronic Book Mechanism “BSE BOND” for issuance of debt securities on private placement basis.

“BSE Bond” platform has successfully managed bond issuance by Power Finance Corporation Ltd (PSU) amounting to Rs.2,470 crore on September 09, 2016. Today on September 14, 2016, NTPC Limited and HUDCO Limited successfully raised Rs 670 crore and Rs. 700 crore respectively by issuing bonds on private placement basis using BSE BOND platform.

BSE platforms for bond issuances have been a preferred choice for companies to raise Debt Capital in India. In this Financial Year 2016-17, till September 14, 2016, 24 Issuers have done 98 issues of bonds and have successfully raised Rs. 42,336 crore using BSE Debt platforms.

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