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(Article by Bhagyashree Pande)
Siding against AAP by two major political parties seem to be more agenda driven rather than have any substance to it reason being :BJP ruled Gujrat under Narendra Modi and till the last Rupani govt had political secretaries; Congress ruled Karnataka has them too so does BJP ruled Rajasthan and Chattisgarh , even the earlier Shiela Dixit govt in Delhi had the practice of appointing such secretaries besides other states ruled by both these parties have such appointments presently. Given that there is a precedence in these states besides the AAP govt removed it’s people from the office after the High Court quashed the appointment then why this step by EC? The fact that they have not been given a hearing clearly gives the perception that there is an agenda which the just retired EC Joti was following.

Have the politicians of the day thought through this before handing Kejriwal a victim card ? Given that a state like Delhi where majority is urban educated voter the message of such impropriety could be deeply carried. Moreso a section of followers of AAP are youth who could perceive this wrongdoing as trying to muzzle a voice of a new political party. Besides does the BJP or Congress have any better alternatives to run Delhi more efficiently given its water,electricity, air,rising crime and burgeoning immigrant problems. No matter when the election is held and whether the Kejriwal govt survives it’s current term there is an edge Kejriwal could start with as for Congress and BJP they still have a lot to do with image management to atleast be considered by Delhi voters to put them back in saddle of power.

Is it advantage AAP after EC disqualification ?

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