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PM Modi inaugurated 10th World Hindi Conference in Bhopal

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Bhopal: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today Addressed the 10th World Hindi Conference in Bhopal. Highlights of his speech
• Representatives from 40 countries are here today.
• This is Hindi’s Maha Kumbh.
• Whenever a writing is found on Stone, Archaeological Department spends Language Research to Find out which years it is on.
• We Must continuously STRIVE for bringing prosperity to our Language.
• Organize Workshops Can I Always think if we diff to see if some words from languages ​​like Tamil, Bengali Can BE included in Hindi.
• We should have workshops of regional languages ​​and Hindi; Have Exclusive words of an Interchange. • I Learnt from the traders in Uttar Pradesh Hindi while selling Tea.
• Major Film Industry has a role in making Hindi popular across the World. In Central Asia sing Hindi songs people.
• People in Gujarat in Gujarati Can not fight, they fight in Hindi.
• Israel had a festival. That time I conveyed my greetings to PM Netanyahu in Hebrew. He replied in Hindi. I was happy.

• Language has its own strength.
• The Film Industry has done a great countries in Europe and Central Asia Work of taking to Hindi.
• 3 languages ​​will BE in digital World- Influential English, Chinese and Hindi.
• Language scientists Estimate that 90% of the 6,000 world languages ​​will be lost. We Need to Hindi from Save this Fate.
• Lists on contact Till we never had we remembered our Mobile PHONES Numbers So many more. Now that number has Reduced.

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