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SECL CMD panda
SECL retains its position as the single largest coal producing company in India. During FY2019-20. SECL produced 150.545 Million Tonnes of Coal,thus making it the largest Coal producer amongst all subsidiaries of Coal India Limited.
India is going through difficult times due to Covid 19. The country is under lockdown. In these tough times also, SECL miners had been relentlessly working to meet coal requirements of the Nation.Precautions are being taken but top priority was always ‘The Nation.’It was this feeling in each Coal Miner that led to whole hearted contribution from each one. The dedication of our Miners is now overtly evident in the annual
figures of coal production. Under the able leadership and guidance of SECL CMD, A.P. Panda, the company has contributed 25% to the total Coal production of Coal India Limited. CIL during financial year 2019-20 has produced 602.14 MT of coal, out of which SECL contributed 150.545 Million Tonnes. The second largest coal producing subsidiary of CIL is over 10 MT behind and the third is over 42 MT behind SECL.The production rally continued all year through in SECL and it crossed 150 MT coal production mark, the second time. SECL has crossed this benchmark of 150 MT coal produstion consecutively during last two financial years. No other subsidiary of CIL has been able to achieve this benchmark. Several coal production records were created and broken during this rally.The most remarkable being the Largest Single Day coal Production on 27.03.2020. SECL produced 1 Million Ton of Coal on this single day. This was unprecedented and was never achieved by any single Coal company ever.Towards the end of financial year,the production spree continued like never before and crossed 9 lakh Tonnes of single day coal production on 26th and 31st March. 2020 Likewise, SECL crossed 8 lakh Tonnes single day coal production On 23rd, 20th, 19th, 18th of March 2020. These single day coal production peaks immensely added to the pinnacle that SECL today stands on.
Various Areas of SECL have also fared well during this period significantly adding up to the total tally. Gevra Area produced at total of 45 MT during this year and met its annual target. Kusmunda Area produced
42.331 MT of coal and crossed its annual target. Other areas have also made significant contribution.

SECL has been a responsible PSU. It has not only been The Best in coal mining but also has been a huge support for its neighboring areas and the people residing therein. Recently,as apositive step to combat Covid19,SECL has contributed 1.75 Crore Rupeesi.e.,Rs.25 lakhs each to Bilapsur, Korba,Annuppur, Surajpur, Barampur Ramanujganj,Umaria and Shahdol District administration.The financial support would from SECL would strengthen battle against Covid 19 in respective districts. To tackle any untoward situation arising out of Covid 19, SECL has made total of 132 Quarantine /isolation beds available at Shahdot, Anuppur,Korea, Umaria,Surajpur and Korea.SECL took to Sanitization of offices & townships, social distancing and work with minimum workforce,wherever possible. Evenduring the days of complete Lockdown, Coal Production being an essential service,SECL continue dworking.The hard work seems to have delivered.

Today, SECL is again the Nation’s Single Largest Coal Company, A.P.Panda, the Chairman and Managing Director , SECL congratulating Team-SECL and all its stakeholders, attributed SECL’s achievement to its culture of hardwork, teamspirit, commitment and ability of the organization to stick to job even during difficult times.

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