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Transforming Madhya Pradesh in Kamal Nath Era?

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(THE NEWSMAN OF INDIA) Senior Congress leader Kamal Nath, the Chief Minister designate (Madhya Pradesh) seems to have comprehensive plans to transform Madhya Pradesh from BJP Sangh fort to Congress castle. The soft spoken, simple natured , highly experienced as well as matured Kamal Nath own numerous characteristics that country’s most iconic leader late Mrs. Indira Gandhi had observed in Kamal Nath at the onset of his political career,that must be the reason former Prime Minister late Mrs. Indira Gandhi had called Kamal Nath as her third son,

Kamal Nath has always proved his worth to his party as and when any responsibility which is being shouldered to him, in his four decades of political career Kamal Nath been found extremely committed to Gandhi family and the congress party always, right from the days of late Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and now Rahul Gandhi, Kamal Nath remained Congress trouble shooter the’Sankatmochak‘ However Rahul Gandhi has faced the most crucial and the challenging era for the congress, which is fighting back from the party in power the BJP and its ideological allies with a common mission of “Congress Mukt Bahrat”. Perhaps in the significant time when the country soon is going for general elections to witness the fate of India which BJP deems is only and only the leadership of Narendra Modi, refuting the stronghold BJP in the three hindi heartland state’s crucial election, which are considered as the semi finals of Indian politics scenario, He is Kamal Nath who so charismaticly wrested power in the heart of India Madhya Pradesh from the Bharatiya Janata Party after one and half decade of its smooth reign. Now after Kamal Nath assumes his office as the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, he will have to re-demonstrate his worth by providing superior and solution full governance then the Shivraj’s reign, he has to establish confidence and build the trust among the people of Madhya Pradesh, to fade the memories of previous get from the minds of people, initially Kamal Nath Government is ought to face incessant challenges, in this era of social media, at the one side he has to improve Madhya Pradesh fiscal situation, counter BJP and right wings frequent illustrations, wipe out the rampant corruption, fulfill the expectations of Farmers, unemployed youth, making the state free from crime and insuring the women safety etc, the most important task is the governance through the channel of bureaucracy, Kamal Nath will have to make the team of bureaucrats who are familiar with congress party’s working style and accomplish his strategies and policies with commitment. In Madhya Pradesh where Congress being out of power for more than a decade, there are many babu’s who have never worked in congress government and lack cultural exposure. If Kamal Nath successfully accomplishes mission MP then no wonder Congress may witness its reign in the state for many terms.

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