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Weaving dreams into reality- Edu-Wire Overseas Consultants

Feb 9th, 2023 5:34 pm | By | Category: SPECIAL NEWS COVERAGE

{Article} Edu-Wire is a team of educational consultants who promote quality education under the niche of ‘Study Abroad Consultancy’ running and endorsing in the enriched stretches of India, Canada as well as UAE. Being operational for the span of four profoundly informational and experiential years, crowned them to be potent navigators and informers for the various aspects that encircle the trend of studying abroad. They host a proficient team, designated with skilled and experienced counsellors accompanied with advisors who are rigorously catering students with their inquisitiveness about the multitudes of programs and university options available for them across the globally refined 700+ Universities which anchor incomparable excellency to meet the aspirations of students.

The canopy of their services is crafted and altered in such a way that complement their hospitality and aid students, that enables them to comfort their faith in the consultants. These services on the surface level are classified for Application, Scholarship, Visa formalities, IELTS training, pre-departure travel and post arrival assistance. Edu-Wire Consultants have proved their metal by a successful visa rate as they have obtained visa for every profile that checked in. They host a buffet of courses that are a desired match for everyone. The moment you will check in, you will be catered by their hospitality and be charmed by the generous services they have to provide with.

Apart from that they ease the unrest of the students by brewing a sense of optimism and assurance through their cohesive and student friendly hospitality and spark a zeal in them by turning their dreams for studying abroad into reality and that is why they are the best consultants. They offer assistance for course and university selection, admission and application, accommodation, documentation, SOP, LOR, bank funding. The mission that they have pledged on is to ferment ardor and serve the aspirations of students on the global platform to adorn their career with success.

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